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My new dedicated linux box!

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Well guys, it finally happened: I upgraded my main PC so many times building a second PC with the leftovers was a reality. Here are the results:

AMD Sempron 64 2500+ (OC's to 2.1Ghz, Zalman CNPS7000-alcu)
Asus K8N-E Deluxe (may get replaced)
512MB Kingston Value RAM
Aspire X-Dreamer case with custom fan grills
160GB Har Drive
Sapphire Radeon 9250 (open source drivers aren't as good as I thought)

Anyway, gentoo x86_64 running smooth. It's nice to finalyl have a dedicated linux machine, as switching back and forth get's painful and fast.

Anyway... yay!

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Re: My new dedicated linux box!


I've been running WinXP professional on my desktop (1.5GHz P4, 768MB RAM, 2 X 120 GB HDD) because I can't get my wireless driver or my TV tuner to work under my Fedora 4 partition. Anyway, I use a whole lot of Unix utilities on a daily basis and, like you, I got sick of rebooting into Linux, so I now run Cygwin-X and VMWare/Ubuntu. As soon as I go home, where my wireless/ethernet bridge works, I'll be moving back to the Fedora partition and making do without my tuner/cap card.

If you have to run Windows, Cygwin is really nice.

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Re: My new dedicated linux box!

Agreed... in fact, my main rig is down right now. Busted PSU, replacing with a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 410 as they were on sale when I was in the market. PCPC says I'll have it by the end of the week... here's to hoping. Anyway.. this new box is working out quite well.

My experiences with the sempron 64 has been nothing but positive. At a newegg retail price of 60$, the Sempron 64 2500+ simply can't be beaten in terms of price for performance. Not only do you get a rev E4 core similar to the venice cores (but with less cache), you get sse3, x86_64, and maddening low tempuratures even at load. How's 35C while you're recompiling your system, typing this post, and listening to music? I'd agree with you if you said not bad. :)

If you are in need of a new processor, but like me, need it on as little cash as possible, you can't go wrong with sempron. Unlike celeron's, sempron's aren't horrible, in fact, they are quite popular among overclockers. I can see why too... first chip I ever owned that took a 300fsb without a hiccup... though I have agp issues... I'd attribute that to the motherboard. :\

Lastly... passively cooled video cards are a pain. :(

I should be ashamed of myself.

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