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The rain dances in the morning light
a left over of the dark night that is past.
Ashes make room for growing things
sometimes it's hard to remember that.

Transparent shafts of light fill the sky above me
make me think I'm somewhere else.
It's easy to get lost here.
I can feel morning on my skin
and I want to get lost in that feeling.

Clouds that wept in dark places
dry their tears on my face.
It's easy to forget that you can have a life time
in a single perfect moment.

And it's easy to forget when things don't make sense
that the people who love you
will stay no matter how strange things get.

Just like morning when it comes.
It doesn't remember the storms
and it doesn't stop happening
when the days get shorter.

It's there.
Something you can touch
and that will touch you
and it will be there again
when you open your eyes from sleep

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Re: Morning

Awesome work. What can I say.........

Email me Wendy, I wanna hear your voice...

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Thank you. I will try to get into my e-mail sometime today, but I can't gaurentee it will let me.
All I can do is try.

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