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And so I burn.

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So I look over at you
and we both know that there is nothing that can happen
but it's there anyway, like a glass of water in front of a thirsty man who is not allowed to drink.
So I smile back at you
and we chat about stupid music and long days and things
that carry no weight, all to cover over the puddle with a metaphorical carpet of words.
I find that I cannot look into your eyes for very long.
It makes me feel weak in a way I have not in a long time.
I cannot ask if you feel it too for that would violate the terms of silence and we would be treading through the mine field. It might be considered acceptable loss but I cannot justify it. I'm too afraid to anyway.
So I look over at you
and we both smoke our cigarettes and try not to be anything more than shallow conversationalists, vapid and empty and placid on the surface.
And so I burn.

I know I'm dead on the surface But I'm screaming underneath

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Re: And so I burn.

OMG, yer a genius... This makes me think...

Oh baby, let's go through that mine field... Daddy wants to earn a Purple Heart tonight... I don't need these feet to love you, nor do my legs I need... I could love you with one arm tied behind my back... or hanging from my ruck sack... Let's get this camoflauge of love and spread it all over our freaky bodies... I wanna send in a Special Forces A-Team to rescue your breath from the strangles of my lips... The 82nd Airborne Division is going to do an airfield seziure upon the fabric of your silky chest... Pray nobody is hurt in the process of this operation...

Tonight we send in ever asset we have, we will not fail... Our resolve will withstand any force this world has to reckon with.

Operation Just Love

And so it goes down in history...

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