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Childhood Memories (part 1)

I have always cherished my childhood memories. Just small-small incidents which are still in my head, which just pop up out of nowhere, even if there is no context. I will write about a few of them which have always come back to me, and am looking forward for similar things from everyone here in NAO. Wouldn't it be nice to share those moments?

0. The best memory I have is when I was 3-4 years old, going in pre-school. As my father was in Indian Air Force, all the Airmen's kids used to go to a Air Force School, situated very near to the Air Strip. We used to hear the MiGs flying every 5 minutes every day.

So, one day, during lunch time, one of my classmates asked me whether a helicopter can stand still, at one place, while it's flying. Till that time I had only known Aeroplanes and had no idea about a helicopter. I replied back saying that anything that flies can not stand still at one place, and has to keep on moving continuously. The child asked me if I would like to bet on it. And, I was very confident at myself, so I went ahead and put the bet. And of course I lost it minutes later, when he showed me a flying helicopter just next to the air strip, which was not moving at all. I just saw it in amazement, and couldn't believe it.

Of course, when I went home and explained this to my parents, they burst out laughing, but then my father explained to me how is it possible for a helicopter to keep still at one place (of course I don't remember it now).

More and when I remember it...

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Re: Childhood Memories (part 1)

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Well, to quickly explain how helicopters work, I'll have to review how a regular plane works. The plane moves at a fast enough speed so that the pressure above the wing is lower than the pressure below, and so it rises.

So how is it possible for a helecopter to remain still and still have the same effect? Well, the spinning part of the helicopter actually consists of longer thinner wings which do the same thing. Also, there is something about how it lands.. it has to tilt to take off and be vertical to land but there are no changes in the helicopter blades prior to landing.

Anyway, I probably spoiled the whole idea behind the thread, sorry. :P

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