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Nov 14, 2005 00:40 # 40417

ginsterbusch *** smiles...


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Something called Freeciv-2.0.6-win32-setup.exe has been sitting on my harddisk since end of September this year, and a few days ago or so I finally decided to install it.

Of course I got hooked in a flash. :D

So the next big thing to ask is if there are FreeCIV players on NAO, too? And if so, is there anybody who has a FreeCIV server up, running and ready for some (strategic) action? ;)

I'm looking forward to some good answers...

cu, w0lf.

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Nov 28, 2005 03:55 # 40772

Aynjell *** replies...

Re: Freeciv

I play it every now and then on linux. When I get my system back and up and running with linux I'll be sure to emerge it.

I should be ashamed of myself.

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