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Dec 14, 2005 03:00 # 41004

ginsterbusch *** wants to know...

Opera display troubles


today I've been working for some hours to combine some clever techniques to create a very Web 2.0-styled site, the interim version of my company's website which shall be stay there till my beloved one has finished creating the new logo and style of Fabian Wolf-Webdesign.

First, IE didnt like the site, but only Firefox (which I use as my primary browser) and Opera 8. Later on, after I've added all features I wanted to combine, including a time-reducing method to create rollover menus, all in a sudden Opera didnt like the code anymore and didnt display the rollovers correctly anymore.

Have a look at the site for yourself:

A question for the opera users: is there any known bug with using wide-sized (background) images, eg. that Opera doesnt like images to be wider than 2000 pixels and similar stuff?

Thanks in advance,
cu, w0lf.

ps: for the geek fraction on NAO: I tried to combine the following techniques: modern-style image maps (based on an article at ALA) and rollover menus without preload (based on an article at Instead of using DIV-layers to create the image maps as supposed in the article, I've been using the 'Taming Lists'-methods to create a WAI-standards compliant list instead. if you try browing the page with a text browser, you'll see a nice happy list with all links working properly, whilst a modern browser will give you the full show ;)

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