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Dec 20, 2005 16:59 # 41115

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New metal band

Like I said before i have been getting into heavier and heavier metal bands and i really have been trying to find harder music and i came across a good band the other day. I don't really know how new they are but i just heard of them and bought their CD. Becoming the archetype is the name of the band and their cd, terminate damnation just came out a few months ago and i believe it is their first. I don't know if i dare go as far as to saying the band is death metal but if they aren't then they are close. In my apinion they are a cross between Cannibal corpse and Kill switch, but of course you may not argee but thats why it is my opinion. But anyways they are good and i strongly recomend them.
If anyone else knows this band or any others that they recomend please tell me.

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