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sandra38 * wants to know...

Locating Physical IP address

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Can someone direct me to who I can contact to try to find the physical address of an IP address? I know who the ISP is and the latitude and longitude, I just need the physical house address.

Thank you!

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null has all the information you need...

Re: Locating Physical IP address

That's simply not possible. Single IP addresses are not registered to single house addresses, they come in address ranges (blocks) and are registered to the address of the block's owner. Geographical information on an IP block is always subject to a considerable error margin, single IP addresses even more so. Since most ISPs give you a dynamic IP address (one that changes every time you connect to the 'net), the location of a particular IP's owner is subject to change on a daily basis anyway - and even with static ones, the information is never quite appropriate. (I have a static IP, and location-based ad banners either assume I'm located in a village about 20km from here, or in a neighboring country [where my ISP's uplink resides].)

If you wish to file a complaint about the user of a particular IP address, try using ARIN's WHOIS search to get contact info for the owner of that particular IP block.

What would you need this info for anyway?

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kiss * replies...

Re: Locating Physical IP address

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just came across your forum when lookin' the ans to a similar question. again i have an IP address but also have a home number moblie number full name and DOB. now is there a program that can get me a home address? i even know part of the address. its in australia, and all i have found are programs and sites for reverse numbers for UK and USA.
can you help at all?

i'll tell you what i need it for. my ex, took stole all my clothes, thousands of dollars and more importanly my cat. i am tryin to get these things back so i need the address. he made the mistake of callin me from the house phone that's why i have his home number. he left me on the streets for a week, with no food, shelter or clothes in a strange country... i only want a chance to get my things back.

please help if you can...
kindest regards, kiss

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null has a suggestion...

Re: Locating Physical IP address

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In that case I suggest you report him to the police. They'll be able to find him and take appropriate measures.

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