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My View......From an old Netalive member.

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN. In regards to the breaking news going on about the NSA spying program, something made me laugh. With all the issues going on in the White House, I thought; how funny all Clinton did was get a blowjob and Congress was talking about impeaching him.
Fast forward 6 plus years and you have Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (He just admitted the WMD intelligence mistakes). He has totally killed our relations and respect with many countries. He decided it was time to pass a bill so Congress and the Vice President get pay raises while the average American worries about losing their jobs over seas, takes pay cuts to stay employed, etc. etc. Oh and not to mention he ignored the law and went behind the high courts back by implementing a spying program, AKA Big Brother on Americans.
I'm surprised and find it humorous that no one is even talking about impeaching him.....WOW. I guess when the country is all caught up in a deceitful war; no one is talking about cleaning up house.
While I'm at it, I touched on the pay raises earlier in my article. I've noticed there are more and more loser companies who are struggling, maybe going through bankruptcies, or other cost cutting situations because of miss-management. Well, why is it that they first cut employment, employees pay/benefit packages, and then they turn around and give the top brass million dollar bonuses or pay raises?
I guess the government is taking notes when they swell up our deficits and then turn around and give each other pay raises. Too many fat swine in power for my liking, greedy little pigs.

As history shows us, it has always been Aces over Kings

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Re: My View......From an old Netalive member.

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I ran across this in the unread journals, and after reading it, there was no way not to respond.

What you have taken notice of has been going on for years in our goverment. Much of it
kept hushed up from the american public for years.

Now, we the people, are so numb from being entertained into apathy that we have become
mildly annoyed at the thought of more coruption in the white house.
Your question about why no one has demanded that mr. Bush be impeached should lead to
other questions such as who is really in control, and why it is that large corporations that do
all kinds of dispicible things are allowed to continue, and the little business struggles to stay afloat.

There is alot of goverment getting into bed with big corporations, and there is much advantage
in keeping the people they are trying to turn into slaves, namely us, so distracted so that no one
can really see the true purpose behind all the bulshit that keeps going on.

I have come to believe that true justice is a scarce thing to actually see in the time we are living.
It is my hope that people will get so sick of the non sense that they will begin to rebell against
the staus quo, and that obscene behavior of the goverment will toppled to dust.

But what I have seen is that most people are more interested in what's on sale at wally world
than on going on personal strike against giant corporations, and changing how they live.
I have seen this as well, that most people are so afraid now of things that are just shadows
that they are imoblized by their fears, and talking is about all that comes of anything.

With the patriot act being exposed for what it truely is, nothing more than one more tactic of
bad goverment becomming toxic to this nation on so many levels, in a further attempt to
take all freedom away and turn us, the people into lemming slaves.

When the ruler of a country has an honest heart and works to goveren the people they are a servant to
then the country flourishes and life is good.
When the ruler of a country has a bad heart and works to pervert truth and to enslave the people
then the country dies and life has no where safe to grow and survive.

As long as mr. bush is the president and dick channey is the pupeteer we will suffer much,
this land we call home will continue to suffer, because this goverment is making war against it's own
Making war here is exactly what you said in your entry.

Every time a corporation dumps raw sewage into any water way they are making war against the land.
Every time the goverment gives money to the milliatry and to corrupt adjendias they are making war
against the american people.

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Re: My View......From an old Netalive member.

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Harold_maude, it's good to hear from you again.....long time. You nailed it with your response, excellent post.
The president is mostly a talking figure head now. He is the front side of a huge machine, the machine being big business. I talked about this in another post I wrote. I cannot remember to whom I was replying to, but I posted it in the Political forum. I stated at the bottom of that post; this is the BIG BUSINESS ERA. It's never been about the people. It's been what can this country do for me, not what can I do for my country. PoliTICKians will continue sucking away until something is done about it.

You know the funny thing is; Americans can rebel at anytime. Who's going to stop us if we as a whole get fed up with the slimy government? The problem is we are so drugged up with all the material things in life that we say; "Ah I guess I can deal with all this". Sometimes I truly wish I could be a kid again, at times being an adult weighs on me. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to be an adult. Now that I'm an adult, sometimes I wish I could play as a kid and let the adults worry about politics.

I sense this government has thrown the blanket over our heads. Do you remember when you did something wrong as a child, and everyone and their momma saw you? Remember how you would try to point something else going wrong so that the attention would be diverted from you. I get that vibe from our government. They work the American people up so we live in fear with these terrorists from other countries. Then we are so focused, we fail in seeing our own terrorists in office. Now they may continue to freely rob us blind, because we are in theory; blind.

In essence, I'm tired of the government as a whole. The foundation is a great one.....The people running the governments are worthless. I mean that with total conviction. The politicians we have are totally worthless. It sickens me how there is so much corruption going on right now. I know there always has been and to an extent there always will be corruption. Who's at fault, the swine in office or the American people who don't do anything about it?

In my opinion, I'd have to say us, the American people. The shame is on us for letting our America become so unbelievably tarnished in the eyes of everyone else. Our government has not represented us as the people for a long time.

As history shows us, it has always been Aces over Kings

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Re: My View......From an old Netalive member.

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how funny all Clinton did was get a blowjob and Congress was talking about impeaching him.

What Clinton did was just completely immoral and disgraceful, however it didnít affect the fabric of our nation as the Bush administration has- negatively of course.

Oh and not to mention he ignored the law and went behind the high courts back by implementing a spying program, AKA Big Brother on Americans.

What Bush has been pulling is just total bullshit. He has gone from that of a President, responsible to the American people, to that of a Dictator, fulfilling his own global and anti-American agenda.

Consider the question to the following Zogby poll:

"If President Bush wiretapped American citizens without the approval of a judge, do you agree or disagree that Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment."

A decade ago, if this question was asked to an everyday Joe on the street about the current President doing such a thing, he probably would of look at you like youíre a loony bin. But now- such a thing is complete reality. Bush has negotiated or has just broken every privacy act/law which is what separates our freedom from that of other "democratic" nations.

Well, I say yes to an impeachment process for many, if not all, the following reasons:

Wiretapping Americans without a judge's approval
For lying to Americans about Iraq's WMD threat
For not doing his constitutional duty to secure U.S. borders
For his many high crimes and misdemeanors

Even if it means to just begin articles of impeachment to 'scare' Bush back in line with his constitutional duties.

Any route is better then the globalization, demilitarization, anti-American, deceitful and unconstitutional path we are on.

Oh, and according to the poll results, they indicated that 52% agreed, 43% disagreed and 6% said they didn't know or declined to answer.

How it's not 101% in favor, I don't know- it's definetly beyond me.

Now are ye undeceived! Welcome, again, my children, to the communion of your race!

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