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How will political systems change?

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Let me try something. There was a discussion I had lately that kept me thinking for a while. May be I can try and share some of the basic thoughts, cause somehow its becoming too much of a threat and scary to think of. And I'd gladly like to hear your opinions on that issue.

Looking at history we learn, that political systems, models of societies are subject to change once the glory of new ideas and the individual feeling of success has worn out, Sometimes it takes wars, sometimes revolutions from within, either way changes are going to come by force accompanied with death, sometimes complete extinction of certain characteristics of the former society. But no matter how it looks like, inevitably changes are gonna come, its just a matter of time.

I guess its kinda hard to imagine happening something like that now, but that's just due to the fact that only few of the people alive today ever lived in two (or more) different kinds of societies. So for most of us it seems impossible, totally out of the question to think of possible changes at the doorstep, just because the way of living has always been the same for us individuals. Still, on historic scales, political systems are relatively short-lived. And even more, looking at the current state politics (global as well as national and local) is in, I find it not too much unlikely we - the people alive today - will still see a violent change of systems during our lifetime.

I wont enumerate all the global problems we will have to handle in the near future. everyone with the least bit of political interest could do that. I strongly believe our current form of society wont be able to survive that, the concept of a market orientated democracy has seen the best of times. Its not that there wasn't the power or knowledge to attack certain problems, its - in my view - the inability of politics to see further than the next period of office. Todays politics has degenerated to a simple game of maintaining the prevalence over the political enemy. There are no long term future concepts, no ideas and, worst of all, not even the honesty to inform people about the true dimension of chaos ahead, which is just inevitable.

All we keep hearing are short-term promises, to be broken only months later, we see lies in every imaginable political decision and we see people in power working first and foremost for their own personal wealth and the same old game of blaming the political enemy for all and everything going wrong in the universe. Politics nowadays has become a 24/7-play broadcasted live on CNN.

I sometimes wonder, how the people in charge can find sleep at nights. The world population will double til 2050, at the same time oil reserves will start depleting, national concepts of social security are collapsing all over "first world", and all we hear in the news is an interview with our chancellor's new hairdresser, or about a celeb's new breast implants and latest divorce rumors of Hollywood's glamour elite, who left reality in the 20's of last century already, not to forget, for the good news part, the latest winner in the national lottery.

For everyone getting rich a bunch of other people are suffering. Every winner produces several losers. Everyone can find his luck and everyone is advised to struggle for that to the best of his abilities. The more elbows you use the better you can get. But noone ever tells you about the losers along the way. There is no looking back, the winner takes it all. That's the concept of free market economy, and its the concept of Ponzi schemes as well. While the one is made the global testimony of success the other one is banned, just another example for a basic problem of this society, double standards.

Anyway, there's no need to get too much into detail with examples of our society riding full throttle against concrete walls. I guess everyone can find his/her own examples, where things are going awfully wrong at the moment. Point is, I'm afraid democracy is not strong enough to overcome this situation. I think we will face the complete breakdown of the western orientated "first world" in the not so far future with a change of systems coming along with it. I'm not sure, if that's going to be a result of wars or revolution, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter.

But where are we heading then? Nations like China or India are sitting in their starting blocks to take part in the race for world domination, and are they known to be peaceful peoples? Will the US just silently let go and accept the defeat in the comparison of way of lives? Will we be able to keep (or even develop one first) a global look on problems, or will we fall back into the dark age of local conflicts? Will we be able to avoid the catastrophe and find the power for changes from within without violence?

What do you think? Do you share my admittedly pessimistic view of the future? If so, what do you think will a post-change future, political society, economy scheme look like?

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Re: How will political systems change?

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The government frustrates the heck out of me Martin. Your post is excellent my friend. I cannot come close to running my point to home plate in one post, yet I will at least attempt to bring some of my concerns and questions to the table. LET THE GAME BEGIN.

I wonder; how can the majority of these so called highly educated leaders continually make poor irrational decisions? Why? Maybe too many of them live for todayís PROFITS instead of looking at long term success. Why do American leaders continue to let petroleum companies buy out and then destroy Patens created for better energy sources? Is it because many of our leaders continue to line their pockets with their personal investments in the fuel industry? Greed is a demon everyone in the world fights. Some individuals can overcome greed, many do not. I am tired of these politicians muddying up our country because of ignorance, personal agendas, and personal greed. The leaders in office now have got to be the most corrupt group America has seen in years. Why is it that we continually find ourselves voting for the lesser of the two evils?

I often wonder why our leaders continue to think reactively instead of pro actively. Fossil fuel will most certainly run out someday, that is a guarantee. When, who knows? So why don't the leaders that WE supposedly put into office concentrate on these issues, focus on a better plan so these over seas oil monopolies cease to affect us?

Speaking on the American reactive instead of pro active philosophy, the levees in New Orleans are another prime example of our utter lack of being pro active. Builders and construction specialists of all sorts have been telling the government that those walls were deteriorating forty years before Katrina! The government received valuable information before 9/11 and America was warned by Australia three days before the infamous Pearl Harbor attacks. I could go on and on bringing all different examples to the table, yet it doesn't change the outcome.

Now as a result of the horrid leadership in New Orleans and the government in Washington after Katrina, we have individuals playing the race card. Some even go as far as saying the levees were purposely destroyed like they were in the great flood back in 1916. Can you really blame those individuals searching for the reasons why? I predicted that race would become a big issue after the second day and there was no action from the government. I said that if Bush isnít careful, this will kill his approval. I know there was a bill passed that stated a state has to ask for assistance before the government can intervene, but come on this was ridiculous.

Now back to the juicy stuff(rubbing hands together)

In my opinion, the petroleum companies and the government both enjoy maximizing profits. I came up with a theory and to some it might seem a little deep or maybe far fetched, think about it first.

I truly believe that these oil companies and the government have sociologists or psychologists working for them. Watch how the fuel becomes an issue every single year. They usually increase prices during busy seasons, right? Watch how every single year they absurdly gouge prices to record levels. More so if a natural disaster occurs. There might be something that occurs unrelated that doesnít or will not affect fuel, and they will still increase the prices, seriously I've seen it happen. Every week they look for a new reason to feed to the public as to why the sudden surge in fuel prices. What happens, the public goes crazy and the media has a field day with it. Then, observe how over a few weeks these prices creep down just enough for the consumers to believe the gas prices are somewhat back to NORMAL.

See, they focus on the public's buying patterns. The so called experts focus on; if they create a panic and then lower the price some, the petroluem industries will make more and more profits each year. I mean look, the petroleum companies experienced a record year, posting 33 billion dollars in profit in one quarter! DUH. I thought, how dare they keep increasing prices and then parade around CNN and all these other networks talking about their increased profits. Well, let me see; prices are higher than ever so hummmm maybe the fuel industries profits will be higher than ever alsoÖ..By George I think I got it.(Sarcastic) That is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Talk about a monopoly, you see a great one that has been unfolding for quite some time now. Look at any price charts since 2001 and you will see that prices have doubled and during some months tripled.

The era in America now; THE BIG COMPANY ERA. Say goodbye to the little guy and hello to the real life Monopoly, except this one isnít the game.

As history shows us, it has always been Aces over Kings

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