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Just Rip My Heart Out, Already.....

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I've been working at a Mall Bookstore for almost 2 years now. I love my job, being surrounded by books, talking about books, shelving books, knocking over stacks of books, yelling my muffled cry as I attempt to seek help from being suffocated by books.....

The Mall has decided that my store is unnecessary or otherwise doesn't fit the mold that the new ownership has chosen for our only indoor shopping center. We are out in March. Not only is my heart broken that my store will be closing, but I am (almost) speechless at the lack of social responsibility that the Mall is displaying. There is no other book store for a 30 mile radius.

We may be a small store, but we are a multi million dollar store. When the rest of the mall is empty, our store is kicking! i'm so sad/dissappointed/angry.

What is the world coming to? (Not a real question, just an angry fist shaken at the sky)

I am just me, searching for simplicity.........and a good hair stylist

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