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Getting comfortable!

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I am a gentoo linux user and I love to fiddle. I love to play with things but unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to play with source. That comes soon enough I suppose, but the fact remains, I liked to tweak and tinker. Recently however I've gone against my nature. Instead of fighting broken applications, I've decided to begin masking anything that even looks the wrong way.

I've been in love with linux all the more ever since. Things have gotten cleaner and more integrated, shit just works and it's stable. I have zero problems! Oh, and when I do be sure there will be different package versions merged.

So yeah, I've been enjoying my desktopping experience, gaming, irc'ing, browsing, sometimes coding, watching videos, etc, etc, and so on and so forth. Life is pleasant for once and well... I guess this new system may stir things up a bit (moving to an SMP kernel and such).

I should be ashamed of myself.

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Re: Getting comfortable!

Good for you. i, on the other hand constantly push my luck, using tons of from-CVS, or bleeding-edge software :] (tweaked Qt, absolutely newest gtk, cvs-sylpheed-claws, cvs-gthumb, newest gcc etc etc....)

i'm still surprised my linux still works ^_^ and it also works very stable, which is even more surprising :D

guess i'm getting comfortable with that as well :D

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