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Mindfuck Movies/Paranoid Movies

I found some nice Movies recently, mainly out of the mindfuck-genre if you know that one...

first there's Cypher, some story about industrial espionage, where the companies hyptnotise their agents so that they don't remember being agents, otherwise they wouldn't pass the lie-detector tests. The Story is nice and the end is somewhat surprising although you see it coming, too.

the second one was "Impostor", based on a novel by Philip K. Dick (if you know dick you'll know the kind of paranoid, reality-shifting books he write.. I just love em). Impostor is the one movie based on a philip K. dick novel that corresponds to the book the most (Not like Minority report and Blade runner wich are rather losely based on his books, with the main person replaced by some action hero stereotype ). Just imagine you go to work some day and then you get arrested by some officers who tell you that your a clone, that the real "you" has been killed by you and that you're only a living bomb made by some alien race to kill sime govenour. That should give you an idea :)

well, if you like the genre then I hope you like those movies as well :)

cya Magic

P.s. hum maybe I should start a philip k. dick topic... I just LOVE his books although he's been pretty insane as far as i know from some short biographys, but maybe that's what makes his genious

"The wise have always said the same things, and fools have always done the opposite"-Schopenhauer

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