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Orchid *** mindlessly drivels...

TV series

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Because I am a TV-series-junkie, I thought a thread would be nice :)

These are my top 10 TV-series I had the luck to watch in the past say 15 years (series for children not included).

1. Gilmore Girls (absolutely unbeatable)
2. Sex and the City (totally new in that time and totally honest)
3. Desperate Housewives (Do I have to comment on that?)
4. Scrubs (The funniest doctors ever - unfortunately they made a break at Season 3/18, God knows why. In the US they're already at season 5)
5. The X-files (the first, often copied but never reached mystery-series with the most splendid couple on screen)
6. The Simpsons (yellow geniuses)
7. South Park (Macon loves bacon)
8. California Clan (formerly known as Santa Barbara, if I remember correctly. With this, my mom introduced me to the Telenovela. I was never happy with the ending and the change of actors – there were about three(!) Masons and noone made the first one - was awful.)
9. Beverly Hills 90210 (developed itself with my age growing)
10. Melrose Place (for Beverly Hills 90210-grown ups – left the impression of Marcia Cross being evil. I still think that way.)

I know, it should be a list of 10, but I want to add

11. Alias (well, one can be mistaken)
12. Sabrina the teenage witch (I must admit, I hate Salem)
13. Nip/Tuck (Once you’ve started...)
14. Every court series (why does everyone say they hate them?)

And following is a top 10 list of series I always wanted to watch but didn’t have the time for (how should one? It’s impossible)

1. O.C. California (the beauty, the title song, the sunsets...)
2. Dawsons Creek & Party of Five (I’m too old now)
3. The Wonder Years (I like the concept)
4. Verliebt in Berlin (I try not to catch up a little bit)
5. 7th Heaven (family stories are best)
6. Six feet under & 24 (they both have brilliant critics)
7. Lost (uuuuh...)
8. Emergency Room (I watched them in Clooneys times but somewhere during one of those awful summer breaks I lost the connection)
9. Every thing containing the following words in it’s title: CSI, Medical Detection, Authopsy, Without a Trace
10. Dark Angel (just curious)

So, now go on and confess yourself!

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MelMel *** replies...

Re: TV series

You're a girl after my own heart :D

Ok, my top 10 fav's would have to be...

1. Gilmore Girls
2. Black Books
3. Buffy
4. Lost
5. Angel
6. The Simpsons
7. Futurama
8. Family Guy
9. Yes Minister/ Yes Prime Minister
10. Scrubs

and my list of stuff i really want to get around to watching properly...

1. House (he just seems so cool. and i always loved Becker which had a similar theme)
2. Desperate Housewives
3. South Park
4. Alias
5. Charmed (I'm hooked now but i missed the first 5 seasons...)
6. That 70s show (only saw season one and some of season two)
7. Crossing Jordan
8. Friends (i watched it erratically. am going to slog my through it sometime soon)
9. Will & Grace (im in love with what i've seen of Karen. She's my hero)
10. Smallville

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