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Magicdead *** replies...

Re: Archie Cartoon

Well, I said mostly... and there are many people who complain about foreigners whithout ever having problems with it.

Well, there have been 'gypsies' who mocked me, too. Once it almost got into a fight because I'm usually not the guy that pulls his tail in, although I'm neither the guy who starts a fight/wants a fight.

But the funny thing is, the only time someone has really beaten me because of agressiveness, it was a swiss citizen with a swiss family, no immigrant. He was completely drunk, moaned something out from an edge when I was passing by on the streets, and I said back "good evening to you, too and have a nice night" and walked on, when suddenly he attacked me from behind and hit my nose bleeding, the friend who accompanied me ran away, I tossed him toward a wall, where he fell to the ground and kept sitting there and I walked off. And he wasn't just some drunk bum, from what he looked like, he could have worked at a bank an would have seemed completely normal to everyone.

I think this is a phenomenon similar to the one with pop-groups nobody listens to when asked but still they're in top 10 on the charts. When an immigrant does something bad, it gets a bigger article in the newspapers than when a non-immigrant commits a crime(although it depends on the severity of the crime). Some people experienc something bad with immigrants, the tell other people, those other people tell even other people how bad immigrants are and then, subtle, the public opinion gets bad about immigrants. during this whole process, people who already think that immigrants are bad don't give jobs to those immigrants or otherwise treat them differently, which gets the immigrants pissed of and gives them a feeling that they're not welcome. often those immigrants have a family at "home" which they have to feed, they can't just go back. Now how would you feel with a country full of people that don't want you to be there and a situation in which you cant retreat. It's sort of a vicious circle.

I've just seen some statistics:



<year> <known crimes> <politically mature total> <politically mature non-german> <quota of non-german suspects> (categories from left to right)

Ermittelte Personen mit anderer als Schweizer
Nationalität machten in den letzten Jahren um 50 % aus, 2004 betrug der Anteil 53,9%.
Nach allen bisherigen Untersuchungen ist der hohe Ausländeranteil vor allem auf
Personen ohne Schweizer Wohnsitz sowie auf Asylsuchende zurückzuführen, nicht
jedoch auf eine überproportionale Kriminalitätsbelastung der ausländischen

Investigated persons with other than Swiss nationality formed about 50% in the past years, 2004 the contingent was 53.9%
After all present surveys, the high foreigners quota can be put down to mainly persons without swiss residence and asylum seekers, but not to an overproportional crime-rate of the foreign resident population.

And I bet there are statistics for this in your country as well.

And there are many immigrants that live in your country since many years, and to whom it's also become "their country" which the would never leave again, and I bet it would hurt them if they hear somebody say that immigrants are bad criminals. I'm sure of it.

so usually it foreigners that are there illegally anyways, so it's just unfair to think bad about the inhabiting foreigners just because of those illegal immigrants.

cya Magic

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Katty_Impact * replies...

Re: Archie Cartoon

This Archie cartoon was not meant to be racist at all. Mr, Weatherbee says "Archie, do you serve crabs?"
Archie replies "sure, we serve anybody"...or something to that effect. Archie was playing on Mr. Weatherbees words, implying that they "serve even crabs," (not "we'll serve anybody, including this black guy")
The man that makes Archie comics pumps out hundreds of them a year, aside from his sexual inuendos, I think it's just hard to put a funny joke on every cover. Give the guy some credit, not everything in life has some hidden meaning.
Unless you are talking about something else in this picture that I didn't see?

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Hawkeye *** replies...


Well I would tend to agree with you if that cartoon was made at this day and age. Though, you have to realize that then, black people weren't drawn into cartoons to have a "politically correct" mix. They had some purpose. Always.

Do you think it is a coincidence that none of archie or his friends are black? I don't think it is. It's just that it was before the days of political correctness. And so if a black person was drawn into a cartoon and then a joke maybe kinda ties into him.. it probably does, because there would have been no other purpose for a black man to be in that cartoon.

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Katty_Impact * replies...

Re: Debunkment

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The black guy in this cartoon isn't some "randon dude"'s Chuck! Chuck and Nancy have been around since the seventies in Archie cartoons. As well as Josie and the Pussycats (the band), which had a black member named Valerie. They do have black friends, and I think the cartoonist of Archie comics has done the best he can do. In this day it's so hard to do anything without offending SOMEONE! I can't even say Merry Christmas anymore without offending someone.

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parmenides * replies...

Re: Archie Cartoon

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Sorry Katty, but the cartoon is absolutely racist. The guy is apparently pointing at the black guy. Our fathers made many mistakes, and we don't have to find excuses or ways to cover up their wrong acts.

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