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Pride and Prejudice: 10+

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In Italy this movie was first released on the 3rd of February, and right tonight I convinced my mom to go watch it. We both loved it incredibly much.

For those of you who had the luck to read "Pride and prejudice" by Jane Austen, I must say how the character of Elizabeth Bennet was rendered in the movie. The actress was wonderful, very good at acting, and she was totally in the part, as if she was actually the Elizabeth that Jane Austen wanted to depict in her novel.

I was a little surprised by the character of Mr. Bingley: in the movie he looked a real fool (in the good sense). He was just so totally naive, way much more than in the book. And all the other characters were too quite perfect. I think that Jane Austen would be really proud of the way her novel was interpreted and transformed into a movie.

A praise has to go to the sceneries as well. They showed wonderful views; nature is as important in the movie as it is in the book. In particular, I was struck by the way Pemberley Manor was shown. It was just like the book. Looking at the big yard surrounded by trees, and then the manor standing tall and imponent at the end of the driveway project me in the book, and once again in the words of Jane Austen.

This movie shows a great portrait of the English society of the 1700, and I do think it is a real masterpiece. I suggest it to everybody who can like this genre, and I want also to point out that this is not the chick flick that some guys could think. It's true, there is some kind of love story in the background, but I would define it more like a historical movie, just like the novel would be a historical novel (quite shocking of course for the time in which it was written.)

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