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The Hado and Gaia Theories

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I'm sure all of you are aware of the Gaia Theory (if not, check this out) so I'll just explain the more recent Hado Theory...

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has been proposing a very controversial theory for the past few years. Like many modern physicists, he believes that all the matter in the universe consists of vibrations and waves. But what sets Emoto apart is that he believes one's thoughts, also consisting of the same vibrations and waves, can affect matter around one's self.

Emoto attempts to demonstrate this theory by using water. After exposing the water to classical music, prayer, and scripture, he freezes the water and observes it through a microscope magnified x200 as it crystalizes. The results are interesting...


Then Emoto proceeds to expose different water to heavy metal and vulgarity while watching the same process...


The vulgar music and words cause the water to crystalize into imperfect shapes... This is very similar to experiments done in the past with plants.

If you want to know more, check these sites out:
Emoto's Official Website
A Bit Less Biased Source

If what Emoto has discovered is true, these studies can open up a whole new realm of medical treatment. But what do these studies say about our earth?

Now, thinking back to the Gaia Theory, Lovelock believed that the earth is alive. If the earth is alive, and things as simple as profanity influence a .5 ml container of water so drastically, then what do our wars, greed, and other immoral activities do to nature on a global scale?


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Re: The Hado and Gaia Theories

What in deed. This is awesome stuff you've got there. I had no idea about either of these two people you mentioned.
But I have been studing sacred geometry for quite awhile now, and I have been exteemly aware of problems with some of the same things these people tested out.
I.E. the earth and it being alive, and the problems that come with abuse of the earth.
I'm going to check out the sites. You may have just inavertanly given me proof of what part of what I've been trying to prove for a very long time.

Thank you.

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I'm glad I could help lead you to this stuff. To me, all of this proves that science and spirituality aren't so distant. The Golden Ratio, the Wave Theory, the Gaia Theory, the Hado Theory... Of course, all but one of those are simply theories, but does it not make sense?

What scientists and metaphysicists are starting to conclude now from their studies are ideas that have existed since the beginning of time. Example, the earth is alive and can be affected by our actions... How many ancient religions believe that? It also fits perfectly with the philosophy of Plato and Spinoza.

Perhaps we're coming full circle. Talk about ironic.


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Re: Heh

Yes. What I've been thinking for a long time is that it's an odd thing to speprate things into catagories, when the only real way to get a clear picture of all of everything is to connect it, the way it was ment to be.

Lenardo Da Vinci was right. He studied many things using all parts of nature as a teacher, and in nature you have every discipline that is taught seperately.

If you look at it from this perspective the ablity to understand things makes more sense. It becomes a clearer more understandable picture so to speak.

Thank you again. Already it's filling in peices for me. :)

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Re: Heh

Thank you for showing me this.

I should be ashamed of myself.

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Re: The Hado and Gaia Theories

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What you posted was really interesting. Thanks. In the 1990's, only humans were recorded to kill one another. But as we reach the 2000's, clearly we see this as a mistake. It is impossible for the past scientist to miss that kind of information.
What I'm trying to say is, the world moves, copes with us, the humans, because we are the reason why they are here in the first place. Notice that whenever a global accident or a major catastrophe occurs, like the sinking of a ship or the crashing of a plane, first there would always be something wrong with our government or people.

Whenever the humans are violent,(wars, corruption, murders) nature is also violent and creates something in order shut us all up and think, for one brief minute, what we are all doing.

In short, we are all killing ourselves, and Nature is the Destroyer.

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Re: something old, something new...

I'm not sure what to make of this whole thing.
On the one hand it's not a new concept that our thinking influences matter. What is new is so-called modern science validating this. I would submit that his experiments are a good, beneficial thing.
On the other, it seems a little like "scientist proves water is wet." So(?!) becomes my knee-jerk reaction.
It's analogous to the Christmas holiday were people put on their halos for a short time. When it's over they act how they act the rest of the year.

"It's harder for a rich man to get to heaven, than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle."
Why? Because it is the love of money that is the root of all evil.
Man is the same now that he's been, basically, for the last 6,000 years: greedy, selfish, covetous, immoral, etc., etc.
Why? Because it comes with the body, the so-called "muscle memory." Do for the flesh what the flesh wills.

All cultures and civilizations have been given rules, and conditions under which a righteous man acts. Likewise, there are actions that the sinner would do. The rules for conduct vary only slightly from culture to culture.
Why is it important for us ALL to act in similar ways if we are to be "righteous", or "sinners?"

On one hand this isn't meant to be a discussion of religious ideologies. On the other talking about the practice of exercising mind over matter, and spiritual/etheric realms visible to microscope alone or even through psychometry, or divine revelation, it becomes a spiritual, therefore "religious," experience.

While we might scoff at religious ceremony as passe, irrelevant to our modern, scientific sensibilities; the superstitious relics, artifacts, ceremonies, books, et al. are vestages of power given to us to remind us of the rules of conduct while here on this planet.

The question to me has never been what are they, but why?
Why follow those, or any other rules?
Could it be that by following those archane, superfluous rules of moral conduct it allows us to live in such a way that we positively affect the environment around us?
It's not about living together peacefully that we would follow those rules of personal, and group conduct. Rather, those rules are in place to allow us to raise ourselves up to the next level of growth, and awareness.
This is partially esoteric science, and part divine inspiration.

I don't hold his theory to be controversial at all. I would maintain that he seems to support what wise men through millenia have said.

By extension, if one knows what's proper, but choses to act not upon that knowledge, then what does that say for us as people, yes; but what does that say for he who doesn't do it?

One needs recognise that it's not the thought itself--not the thought-form. It's the energy and intent going before that mental construct that emulates the unspoken, the true seat of power.
One's will and intention always determines the results; this is why Heisenberg becomes such a brilliant physician. By watching the experiment, it influences the results. Why?

I can appreciate the value of this experiment from a metaphysical standpoint, from also that of the esoteric scientist, or that of a Natural Philosopher, or alchemist.
But if I were looking at it from the "modern" (reductionist), scientific-method scientist viewpoint, I too would be skeptical. I too would find controversy easy with this experiment.
Simply, if it's the intent and will coming with the thought is what makes the difference, there is no objective way to measure that energy. There is no way to quantify, nor contain that energy. By it's etheric nature it refuses quantification AND qualification.
The only way to duplicate the experiment indefinitely is to use a recording, but again, the intention is missing. That is the key, that he can not posses.

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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What the Bleep do we know?

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I first heard of Emoto in the docufilm "What the Bleep Do We Know?" - a great little ditty about philosophy and quantum physics. When my shop first received Emoto's book, "Hidden Messages in Water" I had to pick it up and check it out.

He has some really interesting bits in his book regarding the responses of water to different stimuli, and his theory of how the water in our bodies responds in kind to the environment was thought provoking.

My question is , Were his tests done in a controlled environment? After reading sections of "Hidden Messages in Water" I was left with the impression that he conducted the tests until he got the results he was looking for, like playing rock music to water until the water looked the way he thought it should look.

I admit, I didn't read the book from cover to cover. I skimmed the book for information that popped out at me. I also looked at the book "The Golden Ratio" by Mark Livio. "The Gold Ratio" is about phi (pronounced fee), the ratio that can be found in everything, most obvious example being the distance between the rings of a seashell all equal phi. Phi can be found in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, in the rings of a tree, in the distance from your nose to your toes, etc. Just recently "What the Bleep Do We Know" has been released in book form.

Another book that may be an interesting read is "The God Gene"(author unknown), basically it introduces the theory of how humans are genetically predisposed to believe in a power greater than themselves. I have only read the back and flipped through a few pages so I can't give any information on it, but it looks interesting. (This is the downfall of working in a bookstore: so many books, so little time!)

I am truly interested in the ideas presented by these books, that there is physical proof of some power greater than us that has an active hand in creation and development of the universe, but I am also aware that many people just search for the answers that they want to find.

Question: Are the signs really there, or are we connecting random dots to make the picture that we want to see?

I am just me, searching for simplicity.........and a good hair stylist

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It IS all about LOVE.

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I really don't want to post this much, but this is so important, I feel that I must...
All right here goes... :DDDDDDD

Fear of an illness can perpetuate it. Laughing about it, or receiving love can cure it. Preemies in the newborn ward that get all of their nutrients, but don't get cradled or rocked by human hands or loved can die. And some, who are near death, when they receive "love" come back to the 'land of the living'.

I know. I,ve been so very ill for the last few days, that today I just sat in bed and cried. I'd written the bulk of this post yesterday, and I couldn't even finish it. I sat there unable to sleep, with my head in my hands, my ears closing shut, the nausea enveloping me, thinking about how this time I have been sick with several ailments for close to a month and when will it ever end? I felt none of the peace and joy I had felt through November and December while not being here. My body just felt on fire. I was spiraling downward.

My first thought was: "Where is that book 'Bad Cats'? That will make me laugh." But beside my bed was Trevor Greene's "The Blue Day Book". I saw the anteater with the caption: "Will somebody please just shoot me?" I laughed and cried, and by the time I had flipped through all of the pages, my head had stopped pounding, the nausea had gone away, and I felt a measure of peace...that even my meditation hadn't been kicking. Normally it works. But this time, I needed what Bernie Siegel, M.D., who wrote the book on how laughter can heal, would recommend. What he and others like him, such as Dr. Emoto, have found is, I think, something that each of us knows in the core of our souls will heal us.

And yet we fight it. Why? Each of us has to ask ourselves that question.

Way, way, way back I wrote a post on the topic of Dr. Emoto's crystals, and by extension the 'power of love'. It's here and here, to be exact. The snowflake pics aren't on it anymore, because, I guess the original source has changed. But no matter, Jimi put some pics up for you all as well. ;P And yes, when I saw this post by Jimi back in November, it hurt my ego to think that the only person who responded to me when I wrote my post on the same subject, just wanted to disprove the theories. At least, that is how I perceived it. So when I saw Jimi's post and all the responses it got, I was jealous...I no longer am jealous...but in November, I was... My thoughts were: "Why did no one respond this way to what I wrote?" And indeed why?

I had to answer that question for myself, and I came to two conclusions. 1) people's minds were not 'open' to it at the time, and 2) sharing this information was not supposed to bring me any recognition. After all, what I have been working diligently on is trying to quell my ego, and to learn to love everyone. Ah hah.

So, after I wrote my final response to the discussion that ensued on the "Hado Theory", I found myself running up against a bunch of people who, simply by my being here on this site and allowing them to affect me, were instruments in pulling me away from what had given my heart peace. But I was allowing them to do the time. They were my "teachers", so to speak. I didn't have to listen to them, but I wasn't strong enough to stand the tests on my ego, or my health. I still don't think I am strong enough. So, I still won't be here that much. And I still don't want to be. But that is not my real point.

What I DO think would be nice is if people continued this discussion that Jimi started. And to further that I would recommend reading from pps. 262 to the bottom of p. 268 in Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About", as a start. Please don't get me wrong, I am skeptical of the radical way in which Trudeau expounds some of his theories. It seems a bit times to me, but definitely what he has to say about the experiments that military scientists have done in the laboratory on DNA is absolutely fascinating! It is fascinating to read that if a scientist extracts a portion of someone's DNA and places it in a vacuum chamber in another room nowhere near the test subject of a human being, that changes manifesting themselves in the human's DNA present in his own body, will manifest in the DNA which has been extracted, with no lapse in time. They are essentially proving that time and space really have no bounds. Who would have thought? It's amazing, isn't it?

Not to mention how he describes the way the vegetable garden at Rancho La Puerta spa was divided into vegetables that were sent thoughts of love, and those that were not, and how the ones given love not only thrived, but were just overflowing in abundance! Nor the rest of the few stories there, nor the fact that he reiterates what traditional medical doctors have long known, that when the body is in an alkali state no disease can exist. If you are at peace, your pH is primarily alkaline. Whereas, if you are stressed, angered, frustrated, pissed-off, feeling misunderstood, the body's pH will, and can go wildly acidic, and disease develops. Funny, how the fear of an illness can perpetuate it.

So what I said a while back about my friend Sarah having her cancer cured through a Vision Quest in Hawaii could begin to be understood by skeptics. The fact that her healing came about simply because on her way to a job in Hawaii she spoke of her cancer to her seatmate on the plane, who told her that she did not have to have her cancer, could begin to make more sense to skeptics. This man's friend dropped her off in the darkness, out in the middle of nowhere, with only her clothes on her back, and no food. He asked her if she wanted to change her mind, and that if she decided to stay, he would be back in 24 hours. She lay there, under a tree, by the ocean, with the rain pouring down around her, and she realized that she only had herself. And then she realized that her body was not herself, and that what it was doing was sending negative messages to her. It was perpetuating her illness. Her mind and her body were. When she let all of that go, she said she had a hallucination, a vision, a dream...of worms leaving her body. When she finally got home after he picked her up, and she had finished her stay to work in Hawaii, she went home and her doctor did a check-up. Her cancer was gone! No trace. Now you guys tell me, if I should be sticking to my guns on this stuff. Because I want to have a healthy life. It doesn't matter what my illness is to you all. That isn't important.

But what IS important to know is that the hatred I harboured for that certain individual who caused me so much harm, and I he, by mentioning his name in several posts here way back when; that hatred I have harboured for him has done me MUCH more damage than it has done to him. And the hatred I harboured for being attacked by people on this site, escalated this illness, as well as the hatred which I have harboured for myself. I've increased my own illness by allowing people to get to me, and ALSO by being afraid to show them love as often as I wish that I would.

In having removed myself from this site, I have been able to find the time in my busy days to extend love in my meditations to those with whom I have been angry. I needed the vast amounts of time that not being here created. In addition, it was like removing one less opportunity to be bombarded by negativity. You can kill yourself with your own thoughts, let alone those of others that you allow in. You can't really definitively know that this is true, until you have almost died from all the negative thinking. In my book, cancer IS negative thoughts. Of course you are always going to have them, but an overabundance is not good.

The reason I AM here right now, is because Aynjell asked me to come post something. And, at first, I thought... why bother? So, I pretty much resigned myself to writing brief words of encouragement to people, and passing a little love along. Until I realized that my heart really longed to add to what Jimi has said here. I hope that he comes back and writes more about the subject, because he is waaaaay more concise than I, and is much easier to read. And he doesn't seem to have the capacity to provoke anger in either himself or others, that I seem to have; which makes it that much easier to listen to him.

I hope that each and every one of you will never have to prove to yourselves how "positive thoughts" can heal your body. It's not fun being sick. But it definitely is a learning experience. In the past few months, with the time that not being on the NAO has freed up for my meditation time, I have learned so much about what my mind, and anyone's mind is capable of...I've been to this "place" in my meditations before, back in 1998; but I gave up my meditation back then, in favor of time for an individual who was hurting me, the way I have currently chosen to give up the NAO, in favor of my meditation practice.

I think I made the right choice this time. If I had made the "healthy" choice with that person back in 1998, and walked away from him then, instead of waiting two more years...then maybe I would have the energy NOW to both stay here on the NAO, as well as to devote to my meditation practice. I'd probably be strong enough to weather the storms here in addition to the ones in the 'real' world. But I didn't do that back then, and here I have been since the Fall of 2004, starting from scratch all over again. I could give up, but I won't.

And maybe, someday soon, I'll be strong enough in my own belief on that, that I can come here and get hit with massive amounts of skepticism, and possibly hatred and jealousy, and misunderstanding...on top of everything else I meet out here from other people, and in my own mind, and still stand strong like a tree that only sways in the wind. Because I am learning to extend love to people when they extend hatred, or unkindness. It's simple. But it isn't easy. I've stumbled so much before...and I've sent back the negativity people have sent me, INSTEAD OF TRYING TO TRANSMUTE IT. I know from personal experience that it isn't easy.

Most of us could care less, until we hit a crisis where at every corner the doors seem to be shutting. Making yourself smile when you don't want to, is like prying the door open. And if someone says: "Why are you smiling? I see no laboratory verifiable reason for you to do so?" It slams that little crack shut again. It's fear, truly, that keeps me from this site. Fear that any of you, if I tell you what keeps me smiling, will knock it down again. And I don't want to be afraid anymore. So I'm taking a risk. We all know that if you smile when you don't want to, it releases chemicals that begin to change an acidic body pH into an alkaline one. And that is the basis of health. And happiness. And isn't that what we all want? Truly? So why quibble with whether something can be proved or not? JUST DO IT, and see for yourself. Try to make yourself feel a little bit of brotherly love for someone you hate. I swear, it will make at least YOU feel better.

None of what has been written here on this thread is theory for me anymore. It is truth. Absolute. It's funny how when you have been chronically physically ill, or life has doled out some pretty painful cirumstances that you can see for yourself how this stuff works. Let me reiterate that: this stuff works.

And it is keeping me alive, so that eventually, I can build my energy up enough to give and give and give and give and give all of the time, instead of just some of the time. Because though, according to the untangible universe which is like the circle being broken from it's actuality, into a wave, a line of potentiality, there is no such thing as time and actuality, in this tangible universe made up of waves and lines that have become circles and particles, and actualities, TIME exists. And I don't have as much time as I'd like, like most of us. However, I suspect that if I continue to take what seems like so little time and use it to heal myself, there will continuously be more and more to give to other people.

That is my hope. I guess the real test is, when I have 'cured' myself of my illness, against all medical predictions, will I take the 'time' to give back to my community? And anyway, who cares if you can prove this stuff in a lab? If you can take the time to stop yourself from telling someone they are an asshole, and give them a smile instead, you'll probably see what happens for yourself. You don't even have to ask someone to love you, you can just hold the door open for somebody, and most people will say 'Thank you'. The feeling you get from that is awesome! And if by some chance they don't say thank you, you at least can continue to smile, and send loving energy to yourself for having done something kind.

It's not really rocket science. But it still is hard for most people, myself included. I get way too many opportunities to tell someone to fuck off, when what I really should do is just smile and walk away. Of course, it is obvious that I have not always succeeded. But I try. And those moments when I have managed to be kind when someone is hurting me, I've watched myself get healed. It never was about getting anything back from is about giving. Giving love at every opportunity, instead of trying to return the hate. What you get back from that doesn't always come from the people that you gave something to...sometimes, most times, it comes from the physiological changes that your body has to make in order to be able to genuinely extend kindness. Especially to those who irritate you and hurt you. If you want to be healed, and you want to be happy, then you must learn what it feels like to give yourself and everyone around you love. Even the people that piss you off. YOU, will be much better for it.

If this sounds like a 'personal pep-talk' it is....and it is also my way of saying that I am sorry that when what harold-maude said about me hurt so much, that I did not go to her and extend love. I did EXACTLY what Dr. Emoto is trying to teach us not to do. I did that with Martin and Majic as well, when they made their assumptions about me. It is enough for me to imagine myself smiling at them, that I don't need the smiles back. I can do this with my family, my enemies, my bosses, my co-workers, my best friends...and so can everyone else. All I am asking of you all is that you just put these "theories" to your own tests. Don't use the excuse of trying to be able to verify it in the lab first to prevent yourself from seeing first-hand that it does.

And just so I don't risk being a hypocrite again, and also so that I may continue to heal from a lifetime of held grudges and personal guilt, without adding anymore insult to injury, I am going back to my corner and not writing for a while...except to say: I LOVE YOU.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Jimi * replies...

Re: It IS all about LOVE.

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For Rosy: Well, first of all, I want you to know that the last thing you can expect from me personally is criticism, hatred or anything negative. You deserve at least one place to call shelter from the bad things beside your own private meditation... This should be a place of acceptance and comfort. And if not here, I am always willing to provide that for you.

I wanted to say thank you, though, for your kindness in your post. On how I'm readable and concise... I appreciate it. I also appreciate your beliefs. I just appreciate all of it... It'd be nice if you could keep writing here if it wouldn't be a problem.

I think all of this makes so much sense out of religion. We as humans are driven to spirituality... No matter what our culture is, no matter what race, no matter how isolated, the "mystical" survives. It is an innate part of who we are! And that can be accepted from both sides of the spectrum.

Religions teach values of kindness and love because they are necessary to our physical health and spiritual survival. I firmly believe that. And that's why Christ, Muhammad, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and so on are reverenced across the globe. Now, don't think I'm trying to deify MLK and Gandhi, but they are the embodiment of Christian and Islamic ideals. We NEED people like that to exist. It gives us hope. It gives us strength.

Do you guys see my original point about how all of this is connected? Religions claim that the happiest life is that lived righteously. Emoto studies the effects of negativity on our environment (and, relatively, our bodies). Regardless of your religious beliefs, doesn't it make sense? We as organisms are driven to an ethical standard.


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