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Finally We Are No One
"Green Grass of Tunnel"

I have been repeating "Green Grass of Tunnel" for the 200th time since last Thursday.

It might be due to age.
I have reached a point where there is no more use for rock music except when cleaning the house.

It could also be because of my boss.
In a moment of weakness, I described to the HMV guy how I needed a music to maintain professional composure, when all is darkness (staying overnight in office) and despair (we can't finish and the deadline is tomorrow).

He said I needed ambient post-rock. So icelandic Sigur Ros came into the picture. But "( )" is depressing. I live in the tropics and freeze easily even in a 20 degrees celsius office environment (if it was actually fashionable in the office, I wouldn't mind wearing gloves). Like a spell "( )" turns even the desert into an ice land upon play. It wasn't just calming, it was freezing. Totally unsuitable if you happen to sit under the air-con vent in the office.

So I went back to the HMV guy and said: I need something warmer. Circulates the blood, you know? But still restrains me from beating up my boss (think Alice in Dilbert comics, "fist of death"). He actually understood what I meant and recommended icelandic Múm.

The entire album is one soundscape after another, releasing the mind to multitask. Listening to the album is like driving to nowhere in particular while thinking of how to solve a sum. "Green Grass of Tunnel", esp, reminds me of childhood, when I was a nicer person, clad in t-shirt and shorts, only 1.29m tall, sweaty and playing catch. A great antidote to stress.

201th repeat.

"Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating." --Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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Re: Múm

Well I really hope work is better now. I remember you telling me how it gets really boring at night... I haven't seen you in ages though. I'm really glad you still come around. :)

I should be ashamed of myself.

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Re: Múm

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Hey thanks! Work is not any better. But I am intending to quit real soon (I've the letter all typed out in my office drawer!), so I more cheerful now ;). Yay.

My computer at home has been down for a long while which explains why I haven't been around. Couldn't get it fixed up as I am not around during daylight hours. But recently I managed to take leave from work and spoke for 2 days to the wonderful Microsoft tech help, so I am here.

Oh and Acer's tech help sucks. ;) You'll just have to point a gun to my head before I'll buy any Acer product. I don't care if Acer uses Hitachi blah-blah parts and therefore it is worth the money. It sucks.

"Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating." --Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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