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Hotties in their late 30s...

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Nicole Kidman - 37
Cindy Crawford - just turned 40!
Halle Berry - 39
Jennifer Aniston -37
Kylie Minogue - 37
Cynthia Nixon -39
Sarah Jessica Parker - 40
Kristen Davis (the brunette from 'Sex and the City') - 40
Then there's........
Demi Moore - 42
Madonna - 47
Kim Cattrall - 49
Susan Sarandon - 58 (she's like Raquel Welch)

Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz are both just barely into their 30s. I think they are awesome! Not just because they are pretty, no, but gorgeous on the "inside". But even though it is empowering to point out how 'older women' can be just as hot...this isn't really the key to self-worth. I mean after all, Nicole Kidman thinks she's not exactly the hottest commodity out there at her age with two kids. I think a lot of men, younger and older, would beg to differ. A talented actress with depth and kindness, who is also beautiful to boot. The being pretty part is just icing on the cake.

So to everyone out there who thinks their life as a hottie is over after 30, I say.....look to the stars! --Boy, that sounds very commercially oriented, doesnt it?-- But, you get my point. Almost every woman I know likes to feel pretty, and hates being compared to twentysomethings who don't have to work as hard to stay in shape. Appreciation of an older woman is like the enjoyment of a fine red wine that has been allowed to least that is what people say to me, and secretly I want to tell them to piss off with their qualified compliments. But oh well.

On a totally and wildly different note... I found a quote somewhere online that said that women were like apples on a tree, it's not that men don't want the pretty ones, they just figure that they will fall, and so they settle for what is closer to the ground, or even, the rotten ones on the ground. It's safer that way...and that men are like grapes, because it's up to women to squish them into something worth having dinner with....heh. You don't really seriously think I believe this do you? But it's funny anyway. At least, it is supposed to be funny.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue is hot... and you say she's old? Wow... and she's got some great music. Also, Halle Barry would slay me if I saw her nekkid. I heard she did a bit of a striptease in Swordfish... good thing I ain't seen it... eh?

I should be ashamed of myself.

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Re: Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue is hot...and you say she's old?




Bite your tongue you heathen child. ;P I'll be calling you or e-mailing you when you hit my age, which is the same age as Kylie Minogue, and find out a) if you like being called 'old' then, by circumnavigation (and yes, this is the logical way a woman's mind works, so if ya wanna continue to get laid...get used to it. :D), and b) i'll be callin' ya then to see how your 'physique' is holding up. Heh. Consider that a challenge. That's the most positive way I can deal with half-seriously taking offense. I'm rubbing my hands with glee and waiting to see if you hold up as well as Kylie Minogue and I do. Consider that a tooted horn in my own direction. Sometimes I don't feel like be so humble. I'm still pretty, and I don't look OLD, and I'm 38. 38...37, same difference.

Personally, on a less tongue-in-cheek tongue-lashing mode....heh, he, heh...I'd go with you to check out Halle Berry in Swordfish. But then you know why. On that note, check out the movie: Maybe You & Me. Coming to a theatre near you, or maybe not. :/ I'm bound and determined to continue to broaden your horizons. Especially if they include things that are rainbow-colored and OLD. Whatever.

I personally plan to live forever and never age. Thank you very much. My fangs are sprouting, so I must go tuck them back in. Laugh if you want, but seriously, I plan to succeed. My plan is to move to the Himalayas, eat apricots, and play volleyball when the snow isn't too high off the ground. Come visit me in a hundred years...Sometimes dreams do come true. I know they have this past week. And no I'm not telling. I've got a secret, I've got a secret! *does a little happy dance*

Seriously Aynjell, I consider you one of my best friends on the net, but I have to represent for my sistas in their 30s. You know I couldn't take that, admittedly innocent, comment lying down. There are other things I could take lying down...but I think I am verging on questionable territory here. Luv ya!

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Aynjell *** replies...


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I'm sorry, I didn't mean that they were old. I thought you were trying to say they were aging and still secks. Oh well... I didn't mean it like that, deary... and I'm sure you are quite beautiful. Haven't seen a picture of you yet... we need to arrange that.

I know I won't be sexy at age 30, even. I am okay with that, though. I think I wanna focus more on health, but right now, it's calm lifestyles, happiness, learning and accepting responsibilities of a citizen of the states.

I should be ashamed of myself.

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rosyxxx *** replies...


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No real offense was really's just that you hear stuff like: "Wow, you are really beautiful..........for 38." And I'm like "Stop! No qualifiers." That's not you, but I think you see... I hope. My favorite one from decades past is: "Hey, you're really smart...for a girl." O_o.

Don't worry. I'm cool. And it's nice to chat with you through the posts. Yay!!!! I hear you on the health, calm lifestyles and happiness. I read something the other day where they said that the secret to a long and healthy life was happiness. That even when you are laid up in bed, can barely move, you feel like ass, and have no energy, you can still open the window and watch the sun set or rise (depending upon your window's location), enjoy the soft furry hair of your pet cat or dog (or stinky ferret), and enjoy the breath going in and out of your lungs.

I find all of that helpful along with eating well, sleeping well, and using as many holistic aids to health as I can, in conjunction with the traditional medecine.

On that note, I went today to purchase some essential oils with a friend, because we were going to make a tincture for a certain problem that tends to come with heavy antibiotic usage. One of the oils was freakin' hellaciously expensive (read 'hella') to the tune of $45.00. Everything else was about $9 or $10 for pure organic oils. Mind you, since you only use, at most, 8-10 drops of oil for a tincture, these oils will last me for more than a year, but still. It's an impressive outlay of cash for tiny bottles of oil.

The thing that made me smile was this: There was another oil that was almost as expensive as the $45.00 one. The checker, looked at it, barely winked at me, and rang all of my purchases. I couldn't figure what the wink was for....I thought, oh my, is he flirting with me when I feel like ass? When I later looked at my receipt at home, I realized that he had purposefully rung the cheaper oil twice, and hence, did not charge me full price for the most expensive one.

Of course, technically, that is stealing from the store on his part to do that....but like I am gonna take it back. I thought it was a very kind gesture on his part, and I wouldn't want to jeopardize his job just because he wants to be Robin Hood. It would be fairly obvious from the receipt to any fairly astute manager, as to what he had done. And I am grateful for another $30 dollars in my pocket to pay my bills. And I also have my oils, and some welcome relief. Finally. The whole thing just made me smile as wide as a kite. It made my day. More than made my day. I so happy. It makes me want to do something nice for someone else the first chance I get.

Btw, off the subject, I went to see "The Pink Panther" with a friend. I remember going to see the ones with Peter Sellers, and now this new one with Steve Martin is flawlessly funny. I loved it!!! I laughed pretty much through the whole movie...even when he patted his secretary's ass, like bosses used to do just a few decades ago. So I'm cool, man, I'm cool. I just have to bitch sometimes, as well as rave about the cool stuff.

So what's new wit chew?

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Aynjell *** replies...

Re: Pussycats

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Well you are definitely smart... for a 38 year old pretty and health obsessing woman. *ducks*

And hey, Little John probably thought you were cute. Yeah it was wrong, but hey... move on. You can do no good, as you deduced, by taking it back.

As for me, I am overclocking my new PC. Supposed to be at 1.8, but getting it all the way up to 2.6 (which is quite a feat).

I should be ashamed of myself.

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rosyxxx *** replies...

Re: Pussycats

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First of all, if I didn't "obsess", as you call it, about my health, I would not be here to be online, or anywhere else. Let's just leave it at that. I've had some rather life-threatening brushes, and that is why I take such good care of my health. I've learned.

Some people don't get to eat even a small amount of Mickey D's and get away with it...I'm one of those people. If I feel a little pleased with the fact that I don't look my age, I think I am entitled to that, after fighting for my health so hard. Generally speaking, it's said that stress and illness age you. Somehow, I seem to be miraculously escaping that---but it's not really miraculous. The same things I do that keep me looking young, are things that I HAVE to do to stay well, and survive.

Dude, I love you, but you have foot-in-mouth disease. :D But then, all of us do at one time or another, so I'm only stating the obvious.

And further, I don't think anything in that description of the nice guy who saved me $30 on my essential oil purchase came across as my being upset about it. On the contrary, I was not only very flattered, but very, very appreciative. It's not like money grows on trees. I was actually grateful for his gesture. But I thought that was apparent. I don't think I need to 'move on' from that, I think I need to keep smiling, and remembering the niceness of a person like that...the same way I remember null's kindness, and yours, and Elena's, and Bunk's and so many people I have come in contact with on and off-line.

I think you misunderstood me. I was very pleased with the situation. Elated! In fact.

And btw, I think Kylie Minogue is very hot as well. And personally, null, I think Cameron Diaz looks awesome without her make-up. I saw the pictures and it didn't floor me. You have to understand, I see women coming into work without a stitch of makeup on all of the time, and then all of that gaudy crap we have to wear goes on. So I prefer the "naked-face" look...even when someone is jogging, as the first picture shows. Now that's bound to make you look a little fatigued, especially if you are putting any effort into it.

Not to mention the expressions on some people's faces when having sex can be a little frightening if you look closely as well.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Aynjell *** replies...

Re: Pussycats

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I am only teasing you, love...

And I prefer women without make-up, seems logical to me.

I should be ashamed of myself.

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ginsterbusch *** replies...

Re: Ouch

I know I won't be sexy at age 30, even.

I exactly know how I'm gonna look like when I'm 30. The same way I look right now - because I look as if I was already 30. At least I get told that by lots of friends and not-so-friends folks.

And anyway: My father's the best example that I'll look still great when I'm going to turn 50. :D
And if that doesnt help - my beloved one will.

cu, w0lf.

beards are cool. every villain has one!

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zen *** replies...

Re: Kylie Minogue

Well, yes, of course. That makes you OLD as well.
Ancient in fact.

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