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null isn't happy...

Re: Hear Hear

Accusations are getting us nowhere, so...

Can we please just let this thread rest?

When life hands you a lemon, that's 40% of your RDA of vitamin C taken care of.

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Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: Hear Hear


If the world should blow itself up,the last audible voice would be an expert saying it can't be done

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rosyxxx *** replies...

Please bury the hatchet without slinging insults...

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Huh!???! Whoa. I thought this was over. This is a surprise.

For the record this is to respond to Aynjell in #42059, as per his request that we no longer be friends: I'm not angry at this point. It's been a while since I have been angry over this...I let it go. I mentioned it in passing to null the other day, but that's it. Since the 23rd of this month I've been busy being overwhelmed by other things. I quite simply have not had the time for this stuff.

I think these more recent posts to majic in this thread: #41997 and #42003 are pretty indicative of that. Those last posts actually have nothing to do with this mess. I have other things on my mind now.

But to Aynjell: You've called me old several times in this conversation. You've flat out told me that I basically obsess too much over my health. To let the cat out of the bag to you, I have CFS as a result of infection with EBV that came about when I contracted mono and strep back in 2000. I've been fighting it ever since, and doing much better than the docs imagined. far as me obsessing over my health. No dice. I have to....

And nobody likes being called old. And here you do it again, Aynjell:

Only difference here is: I don't take some middle aged confused ass woman's shit online.

Bite your tongue. *sighs* I haven't even hit 40. We could all just laugh at that one. That would be one option, and a much happier one.

Here's a newsflash babe: You don't get paid to think, and I'm sure it's for a damn good reason.

Yes, Aynjell, I guess my 3.98 GPA, magna cum laude graduation, and IQ are going to waste, in your opinion.

Please people, can't we all just laugh? This is so ridiculous, it sooo is....

To be honest Aynjell, the way this whole thing started was that I was annoyed at your jabs. I had tried to playfully poked back at you to begin with, hoping to get the point across that it wasn't cool to be calling me or anyone old, OR making jabs about how you might think I obsess over my health. That stuff you did waaaay before the comment was made in reference to mel. It really had very little to do with the playful comment you made to mel. Yes, my feelings were hurt, temporarily. But it's been done for some time. It sounds to me like I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't. If I say some nasty things to you, then I am a 'royal bitch'. Point taken. If I don't respond, I'm a coward. If I try to be nice, then I apparently think I am better than you. I can't win.??

I only found this post of yours because I actually do care what's going on in your head, and went to see what you had written lately. And it was a shock. It seems that we BOTH have the ability to shock the pants off each other. I don't know how though, you couldn't see the immense amount of caring in that last post to majic. I just don't. I'm at a loss.

Anyway you really need to chill rosy.

I was chilling....

this post of yours came as a total shock. I was totally busy with other stuff, and this last post of yours just blindsided me.

You blew it all out of proportion, and if my jokes bothered you, I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.

Yer too much bullshit for me. Sorry, but let's not talk anymore.

Not a problem. Your wish is my command.

I'm not trying to be 'holier than thou', I'm just trying to smile when I don't want to, but you likely won't believe me, and that's sad. But I could be wrong. I frequently am, almost as often as I am right. Take care and have a good life. :-)

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Mar 01, 2006 17:01 # 42104

Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: Please bury the hatchet without slinging insults...

You guys are both guilty for having blown things out of proportion. If you guys would both actually look at what you were arguing about, you'd see that you were wrong in continuing it to begin with.

You two took a lot of maturity in trying to end this argument, but it really shouldn't have even happened to begin with. Why do you two care about what the other says so much anyway? It seems evident to me that if you two didn't care what the other thought, none of this would have taken place, so you must have some sort of respect for the other, even if you won't admit that.

If the world should blow itself up,the last audible voice would be an expert saying it can't be done

Mar 02, 2006 19:56 # 42124

rosyxxx *** posts about...

Can we all read about charlie's peanut butter fiasco instead?

If no one really cared what anyone thought, no one would post here...and no one would read threads like this one as they deteriorate, nor the one I happened upon at #42120.

Instead...they might read stuff that wasn't so negative. But I don't see that happening often enough on the NAO. And the fact that I don't, and go away, and come back, and something like these two threads explodes, while other more positive posts of more than just mine go to waste, is why I don't want to be here. I go away, and people think it all has to do with "personal issues". In some part, yes. But, really, it gets more complicated than that.

I don't want to be a pollyanna, but at the same time, I neither want to see alot of ugliness, nor do I want to be a part of it, if I can help it. The desire to be negative is too rampant here, not always, but often enough, and it gets under your skin and pulls you in. See? It did me. If I were here less often like I was for two months, I'd care a whole lot less about what people here think...but when I am around people that I care about, I care not only what they are thinking about themselves, but about me as well. I'm human. Not superhuman.

But can this thread just die, Hawkeye, please? And everyone else? At this point I am really done caring about this thread. Eventually, in exactly 23 days, my Norton will run out and my DSL will expire, and I won't have to pay SBC any freakin' bullshit fees anymore. Which means that I will rarely if ever be here for a long time. And no more computer upkeep. No stinking desk taking up space. Just a library walking distance away...that I will likely not get to as often. I'd like to spend the last 23 days talking about more positive stuff than this thread, or the one about hating Christians for that matter. I just hate all this hate. :-)

I'm more happy about how yesterday was a beautiful Spring day, and my friends here in St. Louis, and how much I love them. And wrote about it in my journal. No one responds to that kind of stuff, but they respond to threads like this one and the one about hating Christians. I give up. *throws up hands* Not really. Not quite yet...again.

I wish we could all just pretend to get along...if we can't do it for real. Of course, I get along with you fine Hawkeye, it's just this thread. Over. Too many people have paid attention to this crud, myself included. Why does anyone care whether Aynjell and I get along anymore? We are no longer friends. It's done. Some things just end. I respect his request. It shouldn't matter anymore. However, it is nice that you care about both of us, but therein lies my original point.

How about if someone removed this thread from the suggested reading that pops up when you get here? It's done. Done. Done. What about logging in and reading #42058 and #42123 instead? Could we all just possibly choose to read about charlie's peanut butter fiasco, or Disposable Fishspastic's new poem, respectively? Laughing is a lot of fun. Or what about relatively new member mnemeion's #41017? That's a thread where we can all debate about what could be done to make the world a better place, a heck of a lot more positively than in this one.

What say we slide over to another topic? *slides* The irony of my own irony is not lost upon me. I'm willing to , of necessity, make myself a hypocrite and respond to this post one more time, just to suggest that we move this Par-Tay someplace else, and kill this thread. *beats fur stole with a tire guage*

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Mar 03, 2006 07:05 # 42147

Aynjell *** replies...

Re: Can we all read about charlie's peanut butter fiasco instead?

I'd love to read those threads... but the links don't work. 8o

I should be ashamed of myself.

Feb 23, 2006 05:39 # 41983

Aynjell *** replies...

Re: Excuse me?

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I am sexist? Nah. I refuse to associate with women (sexually and romantically), I guess that makes me sexist. But the reality is: I do not want a relationship, and I know that. So you know what? You don't know who I am, like majic pointed out...

But to make this short and sweet: you have no idea what the joke was, and you wouldn't unless you had seen Melmel's very convincing holloween costume. She is actually quite good at setting costumes and stuff up, and I love that about our mel. Anyway... it's nice to know that you know me, and that I've been a sexist this entire time that you have known me.

I should be ashamed of myself.

Feb 23, 2006 14:35 # 41984

MelMel *** replies...

Oh no...

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Holy moly, it seems everytime i neglect our dear NAO for more than two days something bad happens. I'm beinning to feel rather a mother figure here...

to clarify, Aynjell and myself have a longstanding joke re: me being born in the wrong era. basically, i have an hourglass figure so given the option chose the 50s as my preferred costume base when given th eopportunity at parties and the like. i do not consider what aynjell said to be sexist in any form and i consider him to be a very dear friend of mine.

that being said, i also appreciate having someone stand up for my rights as you did rosy :) i'll hold the thought for when i'm truly down though *hugs*

to put it simply: Aynjell, i trust you. you're my mate.

i hope this ends this futile discussion.

and yeah, for those wondering, i'm a hella hot 50s housewife. i did a modeling session for a friend of mine and if i dont say so myself, those shots are awesome. (this may be the huge amounts of alcohol in me talking though :P)

please, please, let's try and hold the peace. this is my refuge. if i cant come here i'll lose myself again.


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Feb 19, 2006 22:01 # 41942

null announces...

Re: Kylie Minogue

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Sorry to disappoint you guys, but...

Stars without makeup: Here, here, here and here.
(Warning - these links are not for the faint of heart)

When life hands you a lemon, that's 40% of your RDA of vitamin C taken care of.

Feb 21, 2006 01:14 # 41954

Aynjell *** replies...

Re: Kylie Minogue


I should be ashamed of myself.

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