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Ant-Tiered Internet Bill

"A report in the The New York Times states that 'Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, will introduce new legislation today that would prohibit Internet network operators from charging companies for faster delivery of their content to consumers or favoring some content providers over others.'"

For those of you who havn't been following, SBC has recently been proposing charging internet companies extra for faster delivery to customers. Essentially, those who don't pay the tax will have sluggish pages.

The telecomm companies complain of freeloading made by the internet companies, such as Google (who took a stauch opposition to this movement, saying it will prevent small competators and stifle innovation). However, using the point made by Google, without the content providers (who already also pay for shitloads of bandwidth themselves), customers would have no reason to have access to the internet and the telecomm companies would no longer have a need to provide internet service (noone's buying).

So, please, if you are a US Citizen, conatct your senator and request that they support this bill.

Finally, a step in the right direction!

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Re: Ant-Tiered Internet Bill

I second the opinion that we must save the internet.

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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