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Make Your Voices Heard Before April 4th !!!

Have you heard of CODEX?
Have you heard of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals?

If not, read on:

(This is excerpted from a letter from one of my doctors requesting 20,000 signatures and notes sent to an FDA comment link regarding Wyeth Pharmaceutical's unethical practices.)

Dear Partners in the Wellness Revolution:
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals wants the FDA to take away your right to choose safe, effective, and natural, bio-identical hormones (therapies used in Europe for over 50 years, but not sanctioned by our FDA in the States) and regulate your choice of health treatments (including the use of herbs and vitamin supplements). We have until April 4, 2006 to stop them.

Wyeth, the maker of Premarin and Prempro, filed a "Citizens Complaint" with the FDA on October 16, 2005, requesting that the FDA effectively prohibit compounding pharmacies from providing bio-identical hormones to their patients. This would mean that you would no longer be able to get your bio-identical hormones from us or from anyone else.

Since the 2002 Women's Health Initiative (WHI), which demonstrated that Wyeth's products, Premarin and Prempro, caused a significant increase in breast cancer, blood clots to the lungs, heart attacks and strokes, Wyeth has seen a dramatic decline in the sales of these counterfeit hormones. Wyeth's financial reports, which are available online at WYETH ONLINE, indicate the following significant decline in sales of Premarin Family products:
2002- $2,072,000.000
2003- $1,275,000.000
2004- $880,000,000.00

This represents a 68% decline in sales of Premarin Family products between 2002-2004. Wyeth's profits have likewise declined precipitously; 2002- $4,447,000,000; 2003- $2,051,192,000; 2004- $1,234,000,000, a 72% decline in profits.

Tens of thousands of women have forsaken Premarin family drugs for bio-identical hormones. Wyeth is simply trying to stop its losses and regain its market share. Wyeth wants to force women to take their counterfeit hormones by eliminating the competition from bio-identical hormones prepared by compounding pharmacies.

The FDA receives drug user fees, totaling at least $300,000,000 in 2004, from the pharmaceutical companies for the drugs they sell. The fewer drugs that Wyeth sells, the less money the FDA makes. The FDA collects no drug user fees from compounding pharmacies because they are regulated by the states, not the federal government. Therefore, the FDA wants to eliminate compounding pharmacies as well.

The FDA receives drug user fees, totaling at least $300,000,000 in 2004, from the pharmaceutical companies for the drugs they sell. The fewer drugs that Wyeth sells, the less money the FDA makes. The FDA collects no drug user fees from compounding pharmacies because they are regulated by the states, not the federal government. Therefore, the FDA wants to eliminate compounding pharmacies as well.

Pharmaceutical companies recruit key FDA employees to work for them at huge salaries. This is the dream of many bureaucrats, to get a high paying job with a big drug company. Therefore, you can understand why FDA regulators have an incentive to please Wyeth.

Wyeth, like all major pharmaceutical companies, contributes billions of dollars to various medical societies and patient advocacy organizations. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of these organizations have written responses to the FDA in support of Wyeth's complaint. Because of their money ties to Wyeth, these organizations endorse Wyeth's products and do Wyeth's bidding. When an organization supports something, which is obviously detrimental to women and men, it is important to follow the money trail.

Wyeth can and must be defeated in its attempt to restrict patients' rights to choose safe, effective, and natural treatments using bio-identical hormones.

You can voice your opposition to the Wyeth Complaint by going directly to the FDA comment link below and telling the FDA your story about the benefits that bio-identical hormones have made in your life.

Bio-identical hormones such as the one referred to are compounded from such biologically and naturally produced herbs such as Wild Yam Root; something used for a long time by herbalists in the treatment of Menopause and other disorders. So this affects not only bio-identical compounds, but potentially future ease of procurement of herbs and supplements.

The comment filing period ends on April 4, 2006 at which the FDA will make its decision.

To stop Wyeth and the FDA we need at least 20,000 comments opposing the Wyeth complaint. So write your comment online today!

Please forward this information to anyone who will support this effort. Print & copy as needed.

To log onto the FDA Comment Link for the Wyeth Complaint, type in this website:

I can't seem to create links to anything on my computer anymore right now...when I have been able to you must type in:

After entering the requested information(zip code, name, etc.) hit the continue button to get the comment screen. Comments can be up to 4,000 characters. Hit the continue button to get to the next screen, where attachments can be filed. Hit the button "save comments" to submit (does not make sense, but I tried it with a test comment.)

Hard copy comments (which can also be scanned and submitted as an attachment using the above link) can be mailed to:

Food and Drug Administration
Dockets Management Branch (HFA-305)
5630 Fishers Lane
Room 1061
Rockville, MD 20852

Your ability to continue to choose your treatment depends upon our success in blocking Wyeth and the FDA in their plan to eliminate bio-identical hormones.

Thanking you for supportiing patients' rights to choose bio-identical hormones. Please also write, call, or e-mail your representatives today at...

Senator Talent - #3 City Pl. Dr. Ste. #1020, St. Louis, Mo. 63141 (314-432-5211)

Senator Bond - 7700 Bonhomme Ste. 615, St. Louis, Mo. 63105 (314-725-4484)

To find your congressional representative go to or call 1-202-224-3121

To find your senator go to

Please people. Decisions like this can be the beginning of governmental control over vitamins and herbs, to the point that they may become as cost-prohibitive as pharmaceuticals. Whether you believe in their efficacy, or have ever needed to rely on alternative medecine, your rights as citizens of the US are slowly erroding, while pharmaceutical and health care costs are rising. One of my medications that I must take cost me $132 for each script last year, while three weeks ago it cost $172. I just refilled it today, three weeks later, and it has shot up to $185. It's like the freaking stock market. There is big money to be made in people being ill.

But mother nature provides healing alternatives that actually can work, and even if you don't believe they least provide a comment to halt Wyeth Pharmaceutical and the FDA's campaign to remove more of your rights. There are therapies now to "cure" cancer and HIV which are being used in other countries...they are banned here. Ozone therapy is an example. Please people, do something wonderful and support your right to choose your health care alternatives.

I think it is worthy of note to mention that my mother worked for the government, of which the FDA is a part folks, during the 60s, and she was given herbal tea for PMS and severe menstrual cramping. This was at a time when the public had long been enduring the ever-forceful efforts of the pharmaceutical industry to market synthetic products that sometimes don't work as well as mother nature. This "tea" was available only to government employees...not the public. This makes me wonder what else is available to the 'higher ups' that isn't available to the vast majority of the American public. The government in the 60s was advocating herbal usage, while the pharmaceutical industry and big business were working their hooks into the population at large, insidiously. And yet there was the government back then, advocating the usage of herbs.

My mother personally gave me the recipe for that particular tea when my cramps became so unbearable that no amount of Motrin would make them subside. The tea worked, and I would hate to have to go out and spend not $20 on Mugwort and Haw's Bark for my tea, but potentially $120 to line the backpockets of sleazy politicians and big businessmen.

It goes without saying that in order to have your comment "count", you must be a US citizen or resident, I would expect.

It also bears mentioning that the great state of South Dakota just passed legislation on the state level to ban abortion. The case is now headed to the Supreme Court. Roe vs. Wade could be overturned, and women may not be able to have an abortion unless their life or the baby's life is endangered. That means that rape victims can be forced to carry their rapists child.

The things that are happening in the hallways of our government offices are crucial right now, not only to women's health issues, but potentially everyone's health issues. These things only just come farther down the pike. They don't go away, until you make them go away. Please help, and send your comments against what the FDA and Wyeth Pharmaceutical are doing as soon as you can. Thanks. :-)

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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