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My First Concert!

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I was wondering if I should put this in the what rules section or putting it here, but since I will be talking about Damian Marley I thought I might as well leave in the music section.


All you poeple out there, I'm a concert virgin. I've never been to one since when ever I saw them on TV I prefered the radio version than the live and I thought it was stupid to watch Beyonce or someone else sing, and somehow they always sound so different when they do, or they lip sync.

BUT I've always been a fan of Damian Marley, I loved pretty much all of his songs especially when the album "Welcome to Jamrock" got released last year.

(a bit of boring background info since I found out not a lot of people know Damian Marley)

He's the 11th and youngest son of Bob Marley and has really stood out with his music career.

He's mostly a political singer but unlike a lot of other singers , he actually DOES have something to say and it makes a WHOLE lot of sense.

His songs are so completely different than the things I've heard come on the mainstream today. He's got a mix of a little hip hop mixed in with his reggea roots. His has lyrics that make you think twice and the music that goes along just really gets you in the mood.

For people who havent heard heres a taste of one of his songs,
its called for the babies

Now I see them giving the woman abortion to kill another baby
Miscarriage and misfortune and premature crack baby
Strength of Ras Tafari I'm hoping someday maybe
They don't obey parents, maybe they will obey me
Future for the babies
Hopes for the babies
Tommorrow for the babies
No sorrow for the babies
Babies having babies
Raising our babies
All of these young ladies
Give them thanks and praises
How long can she take it?
Dreams are full of 'maybes',
Will she ever make it?
Hustles on a daily

And for the curious ear who would like to hear a bit more


*jumps around*

My first concert and it will be with someone I really respect as a muscian and a song writer and more over, his music just really does RULE.

I think I might just change career lines from being a photographer to being Damian Marley's personal groupie ;)

*insert something profound/witty/humorous here*

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