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doublestandard * isn't happy...

Knowing you are selfish

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Knowing you are selfish yes I think that's the worst thing because you realise that no one person can be truely selfless and the whole idea of unity doesn't really exist. It's all about meeting each other's needs i.e selfish needs. If I could choose I would choose to be stupid because I think it makes life alot simpler and easier. Now I know why all those famous philosophers went mad. They all thought too much god help me I just want to be stupid!

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Helpiminanutshell ** replies...

Re: Knowing you are selfish

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I totally agree. It kills me, because I try to be as selfless as I can be. I love to contribute to my community, help people with their feelings, their problems, and stuff like that. When I grow up, I want to help people. I want to save them, save everybody, the Earth, the world.

But then whatever kind of decisions I make in my personal life, my parents are always the first ones to tell me I'm a selfish, moody bitch.

And I hate it when they are right.

And I hate it that I know they're right, but then again they're not, because I hate it when I hate myself. I want to love myself without being conceited. Like Celee from The Color Purple.

I beat myself up all the time, I am so freakin depressed it aint even funny. I am a screwed up little one, and so I try to help others so they don't end up like me.

And everyone says I'm selfish.

I hate it when they're right.

and in that moment i swear we were infinite

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yoshi314 * replies...

Re: Knowing you are selfish

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The more selfish you get the lower chances of realizing it.
The more selfless you get the more you think that you are too selfish.

This is soo stupid :| Who designed it that way?

People should think for themselves. If someone devotes their time to other people - they can't be too selfish, right?

My parents tell me i am too selfless, haha.

But it's not a thing to be happy about, because i should be more focused about my own future, they say. I should care more about my life, instead wasting my time on others.

Well it all boils down to finding that perfect spot in between.

Life is an art of preserving balance in give-and-take game.

"Life is a queue. You come in, hang around for a bit, get some service, then depart."

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simon18 *** replies...

Re: Knowing you are selfish

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I have an interesting thought that probably belongs in the philosophy thread.

I believe, we are all motivated by selfishness. We never give, never help anybody, nothing we do is not selfish. Everything you do is somehow selfish. Let me explain.

If you help someone, you do it because it somehow benefits you. Its a harsh reality, but ive yet to see a single example which i cannot define as being selfish.

Everything we do is to either make us happy or, more often, avoid unhappiness. I believe this to be the absolute truth and if someone asks me what the meaning of like if i answer such:

' the meaning of life is to be as happy as you can in the time given to you, if it were not so then why would everything that exists spend every moment of its existence pursuing this one goal'

Dont be sad that your selfish, understand that you could never have been any other way.

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