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Chronicles of Narnia

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I've read the entire chronicles. I love it. It is written in such a way that makes you wonder whether something is symbolic or not. There seems, at least to me, a clear comparison to God as the lion.

I don't want to get too detailed, because some of you may not have read it. All the characters seem to be one one end of the good vs evil spectrum or the other. Almost immediately upon being introduced to a character, you can pinpoint which type of character he's going to play.

Perhaps this is symbolic of how in heaven, everyone is clearly marked as someone worthy or unworthy.

If you like Harry Potter with regards to the imaginative aspect or the adventure, then you'd probably like this as well. Has anyone else read the story?

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Re: Chronicles of Narnia

C.S. Lewis was really christian. I don't think that Narnia has symbolic references to christianity. I think it's supposed to be a story that fits into christian mythology. I think it's supposed to exist as part of that universe.

At least, that's how I like to think about it.

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Re: Chronicles of Narnia

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The books seemed to me as a child a purely magical experience and I enjoyed them (and still do!) on that basis.

Reading them as an adult it becomes clear though that they were an attempt to retell the Christian story for children. It has always seemed a sneaky way of going about it.

If the whole stone table/crucifixion or Lion/Jesus thing isn't a giveaway then the clincher is at the end of 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Here Aslan solemnly assures the two visitors to Narnia that they cannot return as 'You must get to know me (Aslan) in your own world!' Now that may not be crystal clear to a kid but it speaks volumes to an adult. Aslan is God but we want the kiddies to think of him as a big cuddly lion, then we can catch em as they grow up. Try to get a 9 year old to read the bible, but hey they'll read a fantasy fiction series featuring a big golden lion.

Not that you'd call it indoctrination!

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Re: Chronicles of Narnia

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I've read this series several times.
According to the story laid out in the movie "Shadow Lands" which is about C.S. Lewis, it was, if I remember right something he wanted to write for children to help them understand the mysteries of faith.

At least that's what I walked away with. I love the books by the way.

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