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I can understand your pain; living out in California where all NECESSITIES are higher than about anywhere else in the States, I’ll stay in Indianapolis thank you.

Well, to answer your question jdonnell, I pay 40-44 dollars every time I fill up. If you multiply 2.80 averages on a 17 gallon tank, BAM you can already hear the ching-chang-ching-chang as my money goes into the tank. Oh and no, I am not driving an SUV. I drive a V8 Lincoln LS, and overall 25 miles per gallon is my average.

Now to my view on this heart warming issue (smirks), I'm in business, and what is going on here is like what happens with anything else....PRICE AND DEMAND. Figure this. When you go to higher occupancy apartments, like 90-100 percent, your rent is going to be higher than it would be at a same type of apartment with just a lower occupancy. This is also true on the type of floor plan. For example, if you were looking for a two bedroom/two bath/washer and dryer/fireplace/ and they only had one or two left, more than likely they will not offer any specials or discount off board rate. Now if you went to the same exact type of apartment that was low on occupancy, and matched the same amenities, more than likely the manager would offer a promo because they know every six month to a year they can INCREASE RENT. They also know more than likely they will get board from you in due time.

Nothing is different in the BIG OIL industry. They have their little business gurus and accountants that look at marketing trends and figure out what the public will pay. What is the funny part are the excuses they feed the media which in return feeds the public. This has nothing to do with lack of resources. This has everything to do with greed. When 9/11 hit, the BIG OIL tasted gargantuan profits and realized the public will still pay because.....THEY HAVE TO. Look at the trend and you will see over a five year span, BIG OIL increased our "rent" close to three times the amount. Besides the fuel crisis in the late 70’s, I can’t recall fuel ever doubling or tripling within a five year span, ever. ‘Well that is because more than ever we are growing and demand is higher,’ some might say. This is true to an extent; however demand has always been high for fossil fuels. You can look at the past and see that in America we were more wasteful then compared to now. Pollution was worse and wasting was considerably more.

Well, what can we do Havananights? Simple. More people, and when I type more I mean MOOOOOOOORRRRE people could be like jdonnell and take public transportation. I guarantee that when a newer/better energy source is finally released, gasoline prices will plummet. When the public around the world finally has ENOUGH and a cheaper/never ending supply comes, BIG OIL will freak out. Like I said with price and demand, when there isn't a real demand for something that needs to be sold, the price always falls. I can't wait to see the BIG OIL crumble. One day I bet fuel prices will be back around a dollar a gallon. So until then, until we implement a government that doesn’t have their personal hands in pay outs or stocks in BIG OIL, we will suffer. Until a government comes in that is truly for the PEOPLE, we will continue to be slaves to BIG OIL.

As history shows us, it has always been Aces over Kings

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