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One of those irritating but semi-necessary update posts

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As promised, an update on where I have been in the last, oh, ten months...

I believe I posted here last summer that I would be working in a Japanese-immersion camp for 6 weeks. It was fun, albeit exhausting. There was something nice about being around a bunch of other Japanese-speaking Americans-- in Minnesota, we tend to be few and far between. I will be working at Mori no Ike again this summer (though in a more administrative capacity), and I'm looking forward to it.

This fall I started working for a major airline, which, to put it succinctly, sucked royal ass. I am glad to be finished with them. I will not overtly say which airline it was, but you can find a great mockery of them at Do not fly with them, they make evil incarnate look like a chocolate-chip cookie-baking grandma.

Then the airline-from-hell outsoured my job to a firm in India, so...

I am currently working at the HQ for the program that sponsors the Japanese camp I worked at (it's a department of a local college.) I love my job. Right now we are in the middle of a big push to promote the Arabic Language Village, which is opening this summer. We got a big grant from the U.S. State Department to launch the camp, so now we are trying to recruit kids to attend it. (The gov't wants at least 100 kids, and we're not very close yet. If you know anyone, anyone at all between the ages of 8-18 who would like to learn Arabic and can afford to shell out $1325 to come to MN for two weeks this summer, please let me know....)

I wish I were 8-18, I'd go in a heartbeat.

For this fall, I was offered a research assistantship in the Japan Studies program at the Univ. of Washington, so I will be moving to Seattle, an exciting but semi-daunting task. I'm looking forward to being back in school, though. It's a two-year master's program for a degree in Int'l Relations. I don't have a particularly strong feel for what I'm going to do with this degree, but I've got two years to figure that out, I suppose.

And that must be all the news about me that can possibly fit to print. Serious kudos to anyone who made it to the end of this rather boring fill-in.

Now I ask-- what are the juicy goings-on with everyone here? Any exciting NAO-related gossip?

Also, what's with everyone's rankings being down so much? I was surprised by the lack of white and yellow stars around here.... Do all the cool kids leave posts unrated now? I am so out of the loop... ;)

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charlie *** replies...

Re: One of those irritating but semi-necessary update posts

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I'll save you the hassle of reading my journal. After a year of seeking a job as a native English teacher, I finally got one nailed down about a month ago. And of course I'm really excited. It's in Hirosaki in Aomori-ken. Not exactly Tokyo, but not bad. The job is for two years renewable for three.

I tried jobs from, as well as some cram schools like AEON and Gaba, JET, and some other websites as well. And I got turned down at most of them. That still confuses me. Most everyone said, "We have decided to hire someone more qualified and/or who is already living in Japan." My AEON recruiter told me, "You are not as energetic as our ideal canidate." There was a point when I got kind of depressed and thought about quiting the search.

I also aquired and lost a software job in less than six months.

Right now I'm just working at a coffeeshop, biding my time until I leave in August.

Did the book ever take off? U Dubb looks like a great place. Good luck there.

It's good to see you again.

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Charlie-- I am so excited for you! What great news... omedetou gozaimasu!! I think northern Honshu is a great place to have landed a position. How far is Hirosaki from Aomori-shi? Because from there you can snag an overnight bus and be in Tokyo by morning, and it only costs about 9000.

The "we hired someone who is already living in Japan" thing is crappy, isn't it? Me second time around, I was very pleased to finally be one of those lucky, already-in-the-country people. Be glad that you didn't get picked up by AEON (or Geos or Nova), though. They are bad news, and don't treat their teachers well at all; basically just like English-speaking drones.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you'll be doing in Nihon! Keep me posted.

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charlie *** replies...

Re: Wonderful!!

Aomori-shi is about 45 minutes from Hirosaki-shi by train.

By the way, it's great to have you back Ms. Pendragon. :)

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Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: One of those irritating but semi-necessary update posts

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Good to know you're back! Seriously. I don't know of any good NAO gossip because well, I haven't been around much myself.

Speaking of Japanese, I'm quite interested in learning it but I've run across trouble with finding anyone who's teaching it locally outside of the university I'm not attending. They're course fees are absolutely horrific and I'd like to be able to continue my studies outside of the traditional semesters of university. >_<

Oh, and I know this may seem a bit rude but I would really appreciate some advise if you wouldn't mind. I'll um, ask after I get approval.

And again, its good to have you back.


--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

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nobu * replies...

Re: One of those irritating but semi-necessary update posts

Ho ho ho, now i know your name, sensei! :D

my little brother went to arabic camp, he said it was ridiculously hard.

actually, i really hope to be a sensei next year, i mean i know at first i wanted to study abroad, but most likely certain...circumstances prevent that. i'll most likely be on my own and won't be able to afford being any kind of villager.

in any case, i'd really appreciate any help you can give me in becoming a junior-councilor, for old times sake. :D Goldfish Class wa Ichiban! minnasan wa niban!

i think i lost your email but mine's


ps, your avatar looks so much like you, i didnt have to put two and two together to realize who's blog this was!

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