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Time, Work, and General Bitching

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Not having any time really sucks. I'm sure everyone has bitched about this one before and I'm quite alright with that. Having a job and being a student is a bitch. I work 32+ hours a week at the vile corporation known as Wal-Mart (as a cashier in a super center) and I'm in school full time. On Monday-Thursday my day starts at 7am and ends at 1am the next day when I finally make it back home from work/school just to start all over again! Friday through Sunday are wonderful because typically I don't have anything in the morning but homework to do.

But how does one manage to have a life? Can anyone who's done this explain it to me? How do you manage to not go insane under having to pretend to give a shit about Random Customer #24566432578954367 and doing Long Tedious Homework Assignment #947604860784843F (yes, the 'F' was intentionally included in the number)?

Speaking of work, my biggest complaint with it is having to pretend I give a damn about some guy's story about how his toenail turned into an alien and attacked his wife's sister's girflriend's cousin's dogsitter and other such stories. Also answering questions about what an item with no UPC, PLU, or scanable barcode costs. How in the flying fuck would I know? Wal-Mart only caries thousands upon thousands of items! And if I try to get someone who knows to find out the customer gets pissy and tells me not to bother!

Anyway, I'm not gonna bitch anymore. The real reason I wrote this post was indeed to ask about time management. Also, if you've got any "I have a shitty job" vents, feel free to tack them onto this thread. It might be theraputic for the NAO.


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Amani * has all the information you need...

Time Management?

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(Sorry I just noticed I didn't put a genuine life sucks statement and sympathetic remarks. So these will be placed here tomorrow, if and when I remember.)

Time Management? Howrah! A subject I recently stumbled upon.

You may want to try to get StumbleUpon! and add yourself in the necessary topics. For instance time management and "self improvement" which is, basically, time management.

Anyway, you can try going to this article for a nice motivating story.

The general website is interesting, though I strongly question the authors credibility; the simple: "It-is-a-little-to-odd" (and unbelievable) comes into mind.

I have more sites, though not as relevant.

Furthermore, I know I shouldn't be "linking" to sites as a post, especially my first post; but please forgive me. There is no way I can go back and summarize the passages he wrote with my - generally - inexperience in writing.


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Re: Time, Work, and General Bitching

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I work 8 hours (and a half, that comes as a "look, you have time to rest at noon" package) at a software devolpment firm. Then I work 4 hours at a local university, doing systems administration. The university is an hour away from my other job. On weekends I just study, because I am also trying to get a degree (I never made it past the first semester in anything, I just get bored and drop, but I always say to myself "this time I'll do it").

Time Management? What's that? I don't even have time to do time management.

What I've found is this: try to get up as early as you can, it's better to get up early than to go to bed late. I'm limited here -- I arrive at my house after 10:30 PM, and I have to eat something, get a shower, and go to sleep. So what I did was asking at work to get earlier. They said "ok, but just half an hour". So I come to work at 8:30, get out at 16:30/17:00, depending on whether I have lunch or not. I go to my other job, get out at 21:30/22:00, depending on bus schedules. Then I go home, and do some programming for a personal project. Sometimes I even manage to talk on the phone to my girlfriend. That nearly works. But the nights are horrible. I come home totally tired, and somewhat depressed.
On weekends, things are better. I spend weekends at my girlfriend's house (her parents go to their summer house every weekend), and we both study all day, and spend the nights doing other things -- going out, watching movies, whatever. We spend the whole day together, and that really helps in venting the week's frustration.

Wow, it ended up being a too personal post. Well, anyway... I know how you feel. I think we've all been there some time or other.


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