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May 22, 2006 13:19 # 42807

dwelytok * wants to know...

Recover deleted e-mails

I deleted an e-mail and I need to get it back.I use road runner e-mail and I wanted to know if there is a way to recover deleted e-mails that would not cost me or if it is possible at all?If you could please get back to me.Thanks

May 22, 2006 15:10 # 42808

null has a suggestion...

Re: Recover deleted e-mails

We have two rather informative threads about retrieving deleted e-mails. Try this or this.

Are we talking about a web interface, or do you use an e-mail client like Outlook Express (heavens forbid) or Thunderbird?

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May 22, 2006 16:08 # 42809

dwelytok * replies...

Re: Recover deleted e-mails

It is a web interface.

May 23, 2006 03:10 # 42811

ginsterbusch *** takes out his flame thrower...

Re: Recover deleted e-mails

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t is a web interface.

And would you let us in into WHAT web interface exactly?

A one-liner isnt what I would consider as exact, thank you very much.

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