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Salvial_Ten *** wants to know...

Reading Habits

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I was reading the thread "Couldn't Put it Down" and I couldn't help but get curious. What are people's reading habits?

I mean, beyond telling whether or not a book is good, great, cheesy, or not worth reading. Myself for instance have a habit of not being able to stick with just one book at a time. Currently I'm somewhere in the middle of four different books and I've gotten hooked on a short story collection as well. Also, I've a tendancy to just stop reading anything for weeks at a time and then pick up again.

So tell me NAOees, how do you read?


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null throws in his two cents...

Re: Reading Habits

I usually start three or four books at around the same time, and then finish them by their suspense/fun content in descending order.

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Orchid *** throws in her two cents...

Re: Reading Habits

Well, to be honest, I quit reading books for some time. I even can't tell which has been the last book I've read but probably it's "Fashionista Files", which I've got for my birthday one year ago. The reason is: I have no f*ing time to read books. It would last years to finish them and that's just not funny. I know this sounds like Victoria Beckham ("I've never read a book in my whole life") but I used to read books and I am not an analphabet ;)

The thing is: I've got a subscription for two zines: The Weltwoche and the german version of Glamour. Besides I usually can't let my fingers of other magazines that come my way. The Weltwoche for me is top notch journalism combined with excellent choice of themes. Great. Glamour is there for satisfying my deeper feminine needs. Sometimes I also buy In Touch because I'm mad about VIP gossip.

How I read: I use every single free second mostly because the disadvantage of a subscription is that it's landing in my mailbox weekly. Other people say I'm mad about reading. I don't know... ;)

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betty *** replies...

Re: Reading Habits

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So tell me NAOees, how do you read?

At the moment, I'm reading
James Patterson's Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever
Brandon Noonan's Plenty Porter
Robert Pirsig's Lila
Laura Schlessinger's Bad Childhood, Good Life
Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book

The Patterson book I'm reading because we got a freebie of it in paperback a while ago, and since it was just released I thought I'd give it a look. It's definitely a book for young readers; I should probably read the first book, Maximum Ride.

I'm really excited that we are getting Brandon Noonan in our store for a signing on Saturday, that's why I'm reading his. Plenty Porter is his first book, and he seems to have done a great job.

Pirsig's Lila is on my list because I read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance a long time ago, and since I came across a free copy of Lila decided it was my duty to read his second book. I have to read it in small chunks in order to thoroughly understand the platypus of Value, Quality, and randomly appearing Mathematicians.

Schlessinger's Bad Childhood, Good Life is next to my bed to help me sleep at night. Actually, my cousin loved the book and told me that I must read it. Personally, I had a good childhood and am having a crappy life. Maybe I can figure out what I'm doing wrong, hmmm? By the way, I'm not a fan of Dr. Laura. She's creepy.

And Jasper Fforde is on my list because, well, how can you pass up a last name like Fforde? -I wonder, when saying his name, do you actually elongate the Ff? Fffforde, minus the spittle.

Since I'm in the book business, I am constantly reading multiple titles of different genres. It is hard to be a book lover, be surrounded by books day in and day out and not spend half of your paycheck on them at least every other month.

I really can't afford my job.

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DjangoDurango * replies...

Re: Reading Habits

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Used to be I could read one or two Stephen King novels in a week, depending on how long they were. I could tear through about five books a week if none of his work was available. I'm not rightly sure what has happened to me, but lately in the last few, I can't seem to read much more than comic books.

I've been stuck on the same page of the same book for about a month now. Said book being the autobiography of Marilyn Manson. The book itself is decent, certainly an intriguing read, but I simply cannot push myself to read that or anything else that doesn't have pictures these days.

I blame my job. As Salvial can tell you, being a register technician leaves little room for much else, especially if "else" consists of anything enjoyable.

So far as my reading tastes, I've been doing a lot of Jhonen Vasquez and Transmetropolitan lately.

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Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: Reading Habits

I blame my job. As Salvial can tell you, being a register technician leaves little room for much else, especially if "else" consists of anything enjoyable.

Or intellegent. Enjoyable or intellegent. Stupid register technician work at stupid busy store.

--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

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