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What SOng wOuld You Pick.....

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If you were the writer and director of a movie based on your life experiences, what song would you want playing either in the intro or the ending credits of the movie?

Mine would be AC/DC Rock n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution.

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Ireland * throws in his two cents...

Re: What SOng wOuld You Pick.....

Geeze, that really is a hard question.. but I would have to say
Dancing For Rain - Rise Against
I don't even particularly like the band that much, but that song has one line in it that sums up all that I've been through, "If I stood my ground would you ask me to change?"
man, so true.


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yoshi314 * replies...


I would pick logistics - the trip or leftfield - melt.

Just because they cause a calm 'lazy' state of mind on a listener, which is what i usually like to feel, and that's what i usually like to feel. And lyrics are irrelevant :]

Lyrics-wise, hmmm, oasis - wonderwall?

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megascythe25 * replies...

Re: What SOng wOuld You Pick.....

I'd have to go with Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana. It sounds like a Kelly Clarkson (curse the name) song, but if you're a Nirvana fan, you'll know whagt I mean.

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Bunk *** throws in his two cents...

Re: What SOng wOuld You Pick.....

Go With The Flow - Queens of The Stone Age. No question. This is one of my favorite all time songs. It's basically so simple, but all the layers come together perfectly. Every note is just right: raw, energetic, perfect tone. Lyrically, it perfectly sums up the philosophy of dealing with a life that is never perfect, but is worth it anyway.

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MelMel *** replies...

Re: What SOng wOuld You Pick.....

Oooh, only one? Well then at the moment I think I'll go with Never Is A Promise by Fiona Apple. I just love the raw emotion that she can produce.

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zen *** replies...

Re: What SOng wOuld You Pick.....

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This is a great question!! I gave you an excellent rating.

I actually have a few thoughts on that. I actually did a movie about my life...or part of it. The part where I visited the rehab. I named my movie Boneski:A Rehab, and at the intro I actually created a song from samples. It a fairly moody movie, as all the pictures (used still alone to make it), were all taken in winter and early spring. The buildiings surrounding the rehab were built in the early 1900's. It's on the grounds of a former state mental hospital.
I collected the bass riff from Madonna's "What It Feels Like (For A Girl) [album edit]". It's incredibly powerful.
I captured Don Henley's drums and Don Felder's guitar from the beginning of "The shoes" by The Eagles; followed by a few seconds of Felder from "Heavy Metal".
I caught my dog making some really whacky sounds when the female was in heat. He sounded pitiable and pathetic. My roommate made pulsating motions on his throat which created a noise we called the Scrappa-phone. I remixed it in Soundforge with 6 layers, adding reverb and slow attack to various tracks. It made him sound like the hounds of hell.
I also spliced a few seconds of DJ Shadow's "What Does Your Soul Look Like".
This was the outtro.

I wanted to give it a hollow, cagy sound. The end product was very chilling.
Maybe that's as good a way as any to define a certain part of my life.

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