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Excellent Song

James Blunt made the song "Wise Men" (or "Three Wise Men" according to some).

It is truly an excellent song. However, I find it a little difficult to choose a genre that it belongs to. I suppose rock, but it isn't even rock. Anyone who has listened to it have any idea?

The lyrics can be found here.

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Re: Excellent Song

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My question is WHY is it important to lable, and pigeon-hole the type of music it is?

For some, the only way to describe them is the hyphenate it with a few different types. I.e. nypno-trancy-hous-dancy-acid-feely-groove-kinda tune. This specifically might not apply to that song, but the point is that some music defy definition and rubrics.
This is all to the good.

Oh, yes, and rarely are the lyrics alone used to define the "genre."

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