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Jun 06, 2006 11:25 # 42951

Orchid *** throws in her two cents...


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...This really should have been my idea!

"Sie wollen nichts anderes. Sie wollen kämpfen! Sie sind Soldaten! Fucking Wahnsinnige!" - Noel G.

Jun 07, 2006 00:25 # 42953

megascythe25 * replies...

Re: Damn...

I cant believe people are getting scammed into buying numbers. Dont people have anything better to spend five hundred smackers on? Geez! Its amazing what people will buy nowadays.

Jun 07, 2006 04:49 # 42959

yoshi314 * replies...

Re: Damn...

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Still this is probably better than buying DRM media, though.

my friend bought a dvd once. it was locked with a key, that you had to purchase separately, every 5 views of the movie :(

in the end he thought - f--k it, i paid for it plenty. and he ripped the movie to hd and re-burned it. now he can watch it all the time he wants.

now that's a stupid idea. hopefully life will iron out those weirdos.

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