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Created unequal

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What follows are not entirely my thoughts. They are largely inspired by some older and more experienced women:

People are not created equal in America. We do not have equal rights. If we were equal, the gap between the rich and poor would not be growing. If we were equal canidates from any state would have a chance at being nominated and elected. If we were equal my vote from a midwestern state might actually influence the electoral college.

As I learned from South Park, the real power of America is to be able to say one thing and do another.

Please contiune to vote AND post.

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Re: Created unequal


I bet the majority of our leaders look at the majority of us as morons! I wonder if I will see the day when we actually have good people representing us, you know that we elected...Oh oh oh, may I get some whom work their WHOLE term, not when re-election is right around the corner, biggy size that order also!
I'm not going to bash all politicians. Sure some of our current leaders held good intentions when they dreamed of a career in politics. However by the time they went through the car wash of bribes, fundraising, buy outs, and other temptations, they came out dirtier than they went in. Guess you can take the politician out of the sewage but you can't quite get the smell of sewage out of a politician.

As history shows us, it has always been Aces over Kings

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