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Jun 28, 2006 19:20 # 43180

Salvial_Ten *** takes out her flame thrower...

New Cell Phone Features

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I'm getting really fucking tired of all the new features cell phones have. I mean, what the fuck?

Yesterday I saw a commercial for the newest uber slim plastic piece of shit that now not only has custom ringtones it can download MP3s (which eat your phone's memory limiting your ability to save *gasp* phone numbers), do your fucking taxes for you, calculate tips, and has an uber cool video capabilities as well.

Why do cell phones need to do anything other than make calls? I thought it was the shit when you could get tetris for you phone because the world needs more tetris in it, however why do I need to have miniature versions of MS Word and Access on my phone? Isn't that what a palm pilot is for?

Further more text messaging pisses me the hell on off. I've been in the car with people that think its a good idea to drive and text people at the same time. I nearly shit my pants when I saw this and of course I went about trying to conversate this person into forgetting about the text conversation.

Yes, I know "conversate" isn't a word but I like it anyway. Anyone else twitch when they see the latest model of cell phone come out?

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Jun 29, 2006 01:54 # 43186

DjangoDurango * replies...

Re: New Cell Phone Features

I have no problem with neat features and all that happy crappy. I just dislike it when my phone does everything except make calls, as you've seen my phone do, the piece of shit that it is.

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Jul 05, 2006 06:28 # 43231

betty *** replies...

Re: New Cell Phone Features

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I think the new features are a technological stepping-stone for what will be improved-revised-renewed. We have to find out what works and what doesn't work before simplifying for our needs.

What does disturb me is that everyone has become so dependant on technology we can't seem to think for ourselves anymore.

I never use a calculator unless I am doing some complicated equation that I can't figure out for myself. Though I am mathematically challenged, I don't use the blasted things because how will I ever learn the math that I need if I am so dependant on a calculator that I can't figure out a damn tip at a restaurant?

And the internet. Sure, I love the internet, but I can't get away from this damn computer. I'm either playing games or surfing into the wee hours of the morning. I never get all of the searches done that I want to do when I first turn on this bugger. I meant to look for scholarships 2 weeks ago, and here I am typing about technology.

I don't understand why people need the internet on their phones. How is it that we have become so dependant on something that just became truly accessible in the last 15 years that we can no longer function without it?

You know what? I'm going to change my tone about cell phones. I can't stand that we are so tightly bound to technology that we have forgotten how to think. It's not just cell phones though. It's cable/satellite t.v., DVD players in cars, MP3 players that keep you isolated in a crowd, AND SPINNERS!! I hate those damn things! Who cares if your car looks like it's moving when you are sitting at a stoplight! BAH!!

Oh! look at the time... have to go take my happy pills......

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Jul 21, 2006 18:14 # 43280

Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: New Cell Phone Features

I suppose this was more the point I was getting at when I went on my short, horrible rant about cell phones. However, my hatred of people constantly using them stems more from having to work some shitty retail job where my bosses insist that I attempt to carry on a three part conversation with people I'm never going to see again.

That in itself is annoying, however, after about the fifth customer of the day you develop a rhythem for the small talk and you can go on autopilot and pretend your somewhere else. That is until you start your speech and then hear someone talking about Christine's dog and it forces you to become attuned to what's going on. It's some asshole on a cell phone that isn't paying atttention to spending their money the fact that they have bags to grab or even if a mistake is made. They then get pissed off about something that rang up slightly more than they thought it costs, like after they've paid for it. I have to tell them to go to customer service (which makes me feel better because well, that's what they get for not getting off the damn phone) and they get even more pissed.

Oh look, another rant. I really should stop this. Anyway, I suppose dealing with far more cell phone babblers than MP3 listeners causes my hatred and anger of the over priced pieces of shit to be more accute. Besides, I admit in full to owning an iPod and I love it. However, I use it in my car more than when I'm out and about because I get sick of commercials on the radio.


--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

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