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Job interview

I went to a job interview for a direction secretary in a language school today. I really liked the environment there, and I know I would love to work there. I think I made a good impression on the director, and considering that I have been studying foreign languages, I think I also have all the prerequisites for working there.

None of the other girls today had my same education or anything, so I hope that I will be picked. However, they will be having job interviews for the whole week, so I don't know. It would definitely be better than working for 892424, that's for sure. Also the salary would be way better (900.00 € a month that will be increased every tot months).

It would only be a little messy if they hired me, because I am getting married on the 20th, and in July I am supposed to be trained, but I would hope this is not a problem. Also, I should then start working for real on the 1st of September, but Neil and I will be in Sardinia until the 6th. All of these things are still to be revealed to the director however. If next week she calls me for another interview and says that she's interested in hiring me, then I will worry about telling her. Right now I didn't want to burn my chances right away. Also because I would really like to get this job.

We'll see, I guess. I will keep all of this story posted, because I know I will enjoy to come back here in a year, and read what I was doing the year before :)

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