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A Brainstorm

So, here's some music I like. If you check it out, you may like it too.

For a late night: Come On Feel The Illinoise! - Sufjan Stevens. This is a brilliant album; creative, atmospheric and thoughtful. I just finished listening to it, and now I want to hear it again...

For insane riffs: Kezia - Protest The Hero. How they wrote and recorded this metal adventure is a mystery.

For driving back the morning after drinking: Demon Days - Gorillaz. Very moody and subtle. Keep it not too loud though.

For good ol' fashioned new rock: Anything by Kings of Leon, Eagles of Death Metal, The Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, or The Darkness.

For seeing live: The Dymaxions. If these guys don't become super famous and loved by all I will be very disappointed in the general population (moreso than I already am ;)).

Another couple good live acts I saw recently: The Bell Orchestre and Amadou & Mariam. A music festival in Ottawa (Bluesfest) just wrapped up. It was good times.

For some stupid fun: Charge!! - The Aquabats. Charge!!

A goddamn amazing song that just happens to be a popular single that I heard on the radio after loving it from the album: Vicarious - Tool.

A cover that makes me laugh: Killer Queen - Sum 41.

My last suggestion: The New Pornographers. See them live, buy their albums: they are awesome.

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