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Jil station rocks so hard

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So i found this band while i was interning for fontana that is kinda like a cross between depeche mode and u2. I really liked it so i went to their site and listened to their other stuff and its amazing. Its been so long since ive heard a band that is actually good. They have a really unique sound. Theres not many bands now days that have it. Anyway if they sound interesting and you wanna check them out heres a link to their video for their single- http://Media.Rockpicturescissors.Com/wmvref/vanguard/high.Asx
and if you wanna check out the rest of their stuff they have their whole cd on their website

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Re: Jil station rocks so hard


Without that capital A the URL actually points to something. Something fairly generic in my opinion.

Or is it?

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Re: Jil station rocks so hard

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Without that capital A the URL actually points to something.

I think that's got to do with NAO's Newbie Spell Checker™. Thanks to some newbies' really bad grammar the first letter after [.!?] is automatically made uppercase. This can be avoided by using the "Insert URL" button or the [a=http://...]text[/a] tag.

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