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My return

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I have been away for a bit (internet problems) and eagerly typed into my address bar, once I was switched back on. I awaited something to stimulate, provoke or tickle me. I was honestly most disappointed. There was an "ironic" joke, (the newest addition to {funny stuff} re: chilton) which frankly I found more sad than funny. It beared absolutley no purpose and was just dribble. (In my now, not-so-humble opinion).

Then there was the cat fight on the first home page link (something about hot 30yr olds, half way down) which was so petty I thanked whoever invented the scroll button on my computer mouse. I commend those who tried to calm the sitauation, but people ignored these wise offerings of peace and continue to moan instead of progress. Far from the maddening crowds...

Tiresome jokes and bitchy comments which lead to nothingness. I think that crowd is getting closer.

I will return soon and can only hope that things will have returned to their normal selves. I used to be quite proud being part of a community that cared not only about the world and it's infinite topics, but about the community itself.

I feel, that the ship is sinking. Slate me if you will, but I feel it's my duty to be honest with you all.

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Re: My return

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Well, if I had a buck for every time somebody declared NAO dead...

What bugs me a bit is that of all the things that have been written in the last weeks/months - you cite one (admittedly) mediocre joke and one rather old thread. Much more stuff has been written, and most of it is fairly good.

But on the constructive side - how about you improve the situation by writing a good post?

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Re: My return

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You could help me changing this situation by translating my latest weblog-entry to english. I'm too tired and full of sorrow and thoughts right now.

cu, w0lf.

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Re: My return

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Bitchy comments which lead to nothingness

well, it seems that we can add this one as well to the number of posts not worth readers' time.

I will return soon and can only hope that things will have returned to their normal selves

you needn't bother....

Seriously, I don't know what that statement means--"[its] normal self". What makes NAO "Far from the addening crowd" is its lack of "normalcy." There is no set rigmarole, or doctrines that permeate the threads. That in itself, is the magic of NAO.
Some days, they're kinda lame (as evidenced by your post). Some days they're good, as evidenced by my posts of Norwich State, which you conveniently overlooked.

The posting landscape is fluid, like later; not static as you're suggesting.

For real, if you have a complaint, why don't you slate yourself in the category of those "working to fix the problem", and add a constructive, worthwhile post into the fold-- rather than another tired, boring poster which does little to add to the intellectual sum of the site.

And that's as honest with you as I can be.

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Re: My return

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It does seem though that no-one can issue a complaint without someone attacking back. I will try to add to the site and keep it going. I will try and be constructive, but I don't think putting me down just because I pointed out, what I thought to be a problem, is the way to go. Surely you've fallen into the trap of "another post people can ignore."

I know the site's anti-regieme is what makes it magic.

I just thought that highlighting a problem would boost everyone to write more constructive posts. All it seems to have done though, is bring you out, to label me as "not worth reading", when you should take your own advice and just get on with constructive posts to improve the site.

I say lets all move onwards.

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Re: My return

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The difference is that I don't think there's a problem here, you do.
I think that any "slump" that you may be seeing is just the natural ebb and flow of any collective social situation.

Surely, you can accept a difference of opinion without feeling defensive, claiming that you're being insulted.

More to the point, you blasted the lack of worthwhile reading on the site, adding nothing to show what you would consider worthwhile (i.e., you're part of the problem).
Additionally, as I stated, very clearly, there are most definitely postings (albeit not in the FORUMS section) that are most definitely worth reading. Therefore, I'm not "fall[en] into the trap", as you would suggest.

Move on to something worth reading. That sounds like a grand idea.

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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