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Need help connecting to DC++ through Putty

I am behind a firewall which blocks access to p2p applications.
i have created a root shell account at and I connect to their server using this software called Putty. I forward port 1080 while connecting to their server. I guess this method is called Tunnelling (i am not very knowledgeable about these things). So what my shell connection does is it helps me browse the net through's server and gives me a different ip while im on the net.
But im not able to connect to DC++. I tried searching a lot for documentation which can help me in this specific case but im not able to find anything.
And also,
In the DC++ connection settings, I selected Socks5 and I entered "localhost" as my socks IP and port 1080 (i use the same settings in my browser).
On connecting to a hub it initially says "connected" and then after 2 seconds it immediately says "disconnected".
Any pointers on whats happening?
Please help me out someone.

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