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Apparently nothing's ever ruled before.

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Post 3 in the continuing story about the Mediagate.

This product is excellent. It does rule.

No this is not a sales pitch...I'm still trying to keep this as my own personal experience.

Below I tell the sales dept

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This is a link to my personal blog:

I'm very impressed by your product. I believe in it entirely. It gives one a whole dimension of freedom.

I had to look long and hard to find the MediaGate, and only from on-line. That gives your product an aura of "esoteric." It certainly is very sexy ;)

I personally would like to buy more of these. This is exactly the type of product that I find extremely usefull in this age of the prevalence of digital media. I congratulate you for making a wonderful bit of hardware. Mechanically it works admirably.

The software that comes with it could use some help. I think that in order for it to do well in the US market, a few changes in firmware are going to be updated.

Here's a suggestion: combine the input and information system from the new line of Hewlett-Packard printers (so that it can process my pictures internally). If you can do that, this product will, as we say here, "blowup da scene".

I am, at this moment, working with one of my classmates to figure how we can make your device work with a PSP2.

Beyond a doubt, you should include a port on it that will allow an iPod to talk to it. I think, therefore, that it is utterly important that this product be able to support efficient operation of such third-party applications such as iTunes, Real Audio, or Windows Media Player.

Of the three, my tests confirm that the best option is iTunes. I have less problems using that than the other two.

(I've compared the three on both WinXP, and Win2000Pro.(

Additionally, there are still connection issues [MG35 displays "i/o error"] when operating on a Win2K system--as I use at school))

I'd like to present your product to everyone over here. I've brougth it with me to school (I study in "Networking and Information Technologies (NT102)"). It has generated quite an interest. My next module is Hardware. That instructor told me that we could use my MG35 as the basis for a discussion on fixing IP addresses.

I intend to use my MG35 as the boot drive of the computer, through the RG-45 port.

It would be nice if a Linux, or Unix, or MobileMac GUI interface opened up.

It is strongly hoped that the next Generation of this product is able to accept more inputs. I think of that Canon unit with the 4" flip screen. I just know that would be perfect for here as, well, I could watch movies from it, and take it around with me to tose people who have neith computer (or are on a network), or with out a available television (such as my clinician); it would be nice to be able to show my movie collection independant either of those screens.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate your products

OK, so maybe that's a cheesy "What Rules", but honestly, I've NEVER posted anything over here. So if I'm going thru all this trouble to be nice, then this thing must truly rule.

And additionally, if thes use any of my suggestions to improve the product, that would doubly rule!!

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Instant Karma

Post No. 4 in the continuing saga of The Mediagate.

The story behind this post is that I was at B35+ Buy before going to work, at Another Huge Retailer(tm), and was snoopin through, looking at Hard Drives, for, of course, The Mediagate. They have a 120 GB for 49.99...can't beat it.
So while I'm there, I decide to look for a small LCD monitor that I can somehow use in the capacity of monitor for the mg35. It outputs video thru: composite, component, s-vhs, usb, and lan. So out of all those options, I'm bound to find some sort of small LCD to act as monitor, so it can truly be indep[endant of comp AND tv.

I start out looking for a PSP-type of machine. I looked through all the portable dvd players, but none seem to take inputs of vieo, except with proprietary cables.
I went to the "personal mp3 player" section; looked at the Zen units, and one with a usb type plug. Potentially, that one could work. I can see how close it is.

Then I start thinking about how I'm looking for something close to what the new HP, Cannon, Dell printers are those with mem stick (et al) & usb readers, with a little colour graphics screen. THAT is almost exactly what I want.But I don't want to lug around a huge printer with me.

I think that maybe the display of a camera might work, but a cams has no way to really output what's on their storage. And I'm not buying a new one. So as I'm looking at the cameras, and I just got through telling the sales gal I didn't need any help, I stumbled over a "new product". It is a digital Picture Frame. This little gem actually reads memory sticks, and has a usb port on it. It has "Play", "ff", "RR" buttons on it. It will accept input from a camera.
Mutha f***er I said. I nearly tripped over the damn thing. That particular one had limitations, altho the 8" size is perfect.

I'd found my grail!!
So at home, I decided to look just a little further, and think I've found the perfect accessory. That is the link below, which I forwarded to the mg-35 sales dept.

What important to note is that I wrote an emil to the company suggesting they add this very type of an item to this line as an option...

Below is a link to one of many "digital picture frames":

This is the Cherry stained version.

I think that you should seriously commit yourself to providing us consumers with options like that, and (1) you'll make lots more money, (2) probably passing that savings on to me and (3) be able to better integrate your firmware to interact with the other unit proabably better than can.

I think this product, link provided, does is answer a request I'd made of your product.

This product solves my problem.

I'm really hoping that you can provide us, in the future, a lower cost, better appointed accessory to go with my MG-35.

I hope that you can meet this challenge, and esceed my expectations. Please add my email to your mailing list.

Thank you,


Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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