Reading What Rules

Dec 28, 2006 21:12 # 43773

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Car Karma

This is so cool! Here's a list of what disaster your sign is meant to cause on the hot road. It's (of course) been surveyd by an insurance company. I know, most of you, especially the guys, don't give a shit about zodiac signs and stuff but I'd recommend to give it a read, it's really funny :) Best news for me: Gemini is on second best position (that's me, yes :)) while my sweet dearest husband null made it to the top. Libra is Number One Worst. Sorry, I know IRL it's vice versa. I hope that appeases you, honey :)

"Sie wollen nichts anderes. Sie wollen kämpfen! Sie sind Soldaten! Fucking Wahnsinnige!" - Noel G.

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