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MrWhite *** wants to know...

Sympathy for the Devil?

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Why is it that in all the movies we watch, we always end up rooting for the lead character, however twisted or immoral they are?

I posed myself this question after watching Scarface and Goodfellas recently. As Tony Montana Pacino portrays a ruthless, selfish, emotionless thug, who is no better than the druglords he kills in making his way to the top. He feels nothing to kill, and shows no compassion for his freinds or relatives (bar the final scene). Liotta's Henry Hill is no better - a born and bred gangster, with no respect for anybody other than his male conterparts surrounding him.

Yet seeing the end of Montana, I felt...sad. Almost like a hero had died. Why do we feel such compassion, even for those who are simply pure evil? (yep, I thought it was great when Hannibal escaped in Silence of the Lambs - and i bet i'm not alone).

Maybe its simply beacuse we spend so much of the time in movies following the lead character, that despite who they are, you see it form their view, and their emotions are simply more important than anyone elses in the movie....

...or maybe, its just fun to see the bad guy win >:). Any thoughts from anyone? Any other examples of sympathy for devils?

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smashedmotif * replies...

Re: Sympathy for the Devil?

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Any thoughts from anyone? Any other examples of sympathy for devils?

One example is the bad guy on the movie, Blue Streak (1999). The lead character was a jewel thief. There's nothing worse than a thief, right?

Not only did we root for the thief, we also thought he was funny and laughed at all his jokes.

Someone once said that the moral of a society can be determined by what they thought was funny.

If we are cheering on a thief and laughing at his jokes, what can be said about our society, now.

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Hawkeye *** replies...


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I think you're reading too far into it, smashedmotif.

It's fiction, and as such, laughing at fiction doesn't suggest very much about our character. There is dark comedy that we find very funny because we know it is a satire and not truly happening to the characters.

Personally, I like to see a change of perspective in movies. I applaud any movie daring enough not to do your typical cookie-cutter hero takes on world and wins scenario which has shown to make so much profit in the cinema. There was a realism movement in the theater before, and it sort of dissolved. I, for one, would like to see it brought back. At least if you saw the hero win, you wouldn't expect it.

For that matter, I enjoy any movie with a good twist at the end, probably because I like unexpected finales. I really enjoyed "Usual suspects" for this reason. It completely took me off guard at the end. For those of you who haven't watched it, I won't be leaking the ending. :P

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smashedmotif * replies...

Re: Hmm..

I rooted for Damian through the whole movie, The Omen (1976).

And, I rooted for Godzilla, The Swamp Thing too.

I even voted for the cockroaches on, Tales from the Crip:)

Am I on the right track, now?

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