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Letsa GO!

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Here's something I posted on my personal blog while NAO was down. I know some of you will disagree so, enjoy!:)

Shigeru Miyamoto who designed the characters that dominated most of our video game free time as children has recently issued a statement on putting more "positive emotion...a sense of satisfaction, glee" in video games rather than just a "lust for gore and realism".

Gamers wear their geek title with pride. And many of today's video game titles are actually marketed to the teen or twenty something crowd. And it's true, we were the first generation to grow up with video games, but perhaps we've outgrown our video games.

At a time when video games are being blamed for many of the world's problems, Nintendo is taking a responsible and Miyazaki-like stance. With the introduction of the Wii Nintendo stated that they wanted to create "an inexpensive console that is fun for everyone." And everyone I've talked to loves the Wii - a side from a few spranes (remember to read the safety manual). I think it's time to give the video games back to the kids.

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Re: Letsa GO!

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I always thought of nintendo consoles as a "children-safe" gaming platform. Most well-known nintendo console games are non-violent, non-gory. (There are exceptions of course, but there is not much of them).

Well unfortunately there are some gory games in planning for wii (i even heard about manhunt, not sure if it's true) :/

I really got bored with violent fpp games recently. Now i mostly play mind-challenging games, like various sudoku/manjong/go clones etc. Or some platform arcade games.

Wii has great entertaining value, because it involves a lot of physical activity instead of throwing wowie-zowie 3d graphics at player - most modern games focus on fx-extravaganza instead of actual fun coming from gameplay.

When i (hopefully) get a job, i'm gonna buy myself a wii, and play it with my girlfriend and friends to my hearts' content.

I'm also planning on buying a ps3, but only to make it run linux :]

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Re: Letsa GO!

Are you going to work in the gaming field?

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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Re: Letsa GO!

Remember ColecoVision? Now that was a gamers delight back then. I think my sister has that game stored away in her garage. Maybe I could dig it up and see if it still works.

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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Re: Letsa GO!

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Shigeru Miyamoto has done a lot. I'm glad you posted this in NAO, it has given me an appreciation for the history of video games.

I'm not so sure some game makers are concerned about ethics or moral responsibility when money is involved. Sometimes you can only trust some people as far as you can throw them.

Rememer Tempest? Remember Defender?

Those were games that brought on sense of suspense and excitement.

Tempests had the player frantically moving the controller in order to blast the attacking objects and Defender left it to the player to madly press all those buttons.

"Ah! They're coming in too fast."

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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