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Music Room

So cool!

At the univesity I attend, there is a music room. The room is located on the third floor of the student center.

There is a center kiosk-desk, not really centered, but the "center" of where music is played.

The room has a huge window looking over the outer walkway that also has a shelf featuring cacti and other interesting plants. for example, I was relaxing and reading a text book for one of my classes. The muscian being featured was:

bnpo upcjo

Okay, so what are those letters in a jumble? They are the letter after the letter that would otherwise spell the name of the muscian that, I listened to today while in the Music Room.

Note: I purposely entered the letter after the real letter, so that when doing an engine search on the internetwork, this post would not be conjured. That is, I'd like to keep this post soley for the audience of this community.

Therefore, I kindly request that all who respond to not title there response or name in their response, the actual name of the author.

Thank you for your readership.

p.s. Please do not feel self conscious in rating this post mediocre.

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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