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My first e-book

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A friend recently told me about this site, and I am impressed with the story. A little freaked out, but impressed. The title of the book is awesome, who couldn't want to read a story called John Dies at the End? Okay, you might not be intrigued, but I sure was.

The story is based on the supernatural experiences of the narrator and his friend. There's drugs, sex, guns, government, multi-dimensional government, ghosts, slimey things, one-armed ladies, with a heavy dose of C'thulu mixed in. Laugh-out-loud funny and wet-your-shorts scary, I loved it.

I'm now reading the sequal. I've just started it, so I don't have an opinion about it yet.

Just thought I'd share...

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Re: My first e-book

you might not be intrigued

On the contrary. This sounds like a "killer" book. Get it, killer?:D

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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Re: My first e-book

Started reading it and I have to agree, pretty good so far. Am eagerly consuming it as we speak.

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