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Apr 11, 2007 22:13 # 44393

smashedmotif * has a suggestion...

Frank White

The Dryads and Other Tales by Frank White is an awesome book.

Too bad there aren't more copies of the book that can be lent out from the library.

I actually stumbled across this book when looking for a title, Twenty-Two Goblins, which is a fairy tale in Sanskrit.

Frank White writes the stories in such a way that one continues to read with continuing amusement.

If anyone has the time and resources, I suggest they read Frank White's, The Dryads and Other Tales.

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

Jul 31, 2015 13:23 # 47517

tonyclark7151 * replies...

Re: Frank White

Yes! I have read books of Frank White and they are awesome.

Calm, Patient but crazy person, looking for adventures.

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