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Currently I'm livid.

I'm livid because I thought Id take a few days off from uni, go home, relax, revise for my upcoming exams, and stick around for a friends 18th birthday (although admittedly I simplify that a hell of a lot) this saturday. So yesterday I got on the train, travelled a couple of hundred miles and here I am in sunny Plymouth.


No sooner do I get in the front door than one of my uni mates phones me up and says that the university's made a balls up and forgotten to include me, him, and one other in lab groups for one lab session that accounts for 35% of my mark in that module. So i'm getting a train in a few hours to get back up to oxford, and another train back down tommorow evening.

So as a result I'm having to shell out another 60-70 that I really dont need to, especially since I've yet to get Charlotte a decent gift to show im a bit interested, and my phone suffered badly in a collision with a cueball that jumped off a pool table. As well as the irritation that my formerly relaxing holiday, of sorts, is disturbed.

So when I get back up to oxford, you can be fucken sure I'm gonna be taking names.

Sir Deimos, Beater of Ass.

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