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May 10, 2007 07:50 # 44499

Deimos ** wants to know...

Spiderman 3 - Your thoughts?

I'm a bit of a comic book fan, and so whenever anything comes out to do with Marvel/DC, then normally I start sprinting for the cinema.

Loved the other two spiderman films, but I've been told that spiderman 3 falls down a lot. The specific comments were that T maguire cant act for crap when it comes to crying, that he spent a good amount of time being emo, and blatant... i dont know how to describe. National product placement, landing in front of a majestically flapping US flag.

More than anything else its that last thing that annoys me. Ive better things to do with my time, and money, than going to see such a hammy movie.

SO. What did you think of it?

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May 10, 2007 08:59 # 44500

MelMel *** replies...

Re: Spiderman 3 - Your thoughts?

I liked it. it wasn't as good as the first two, i'll grant you that. in regards to the flag flying moment... i can only hope it was done ironically. for my own sanity, i have to believe that :P

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May 10, 2007 09:27 # 44501

null throws in his two cents...

Re: Spiderman 3 (mild spoilers included)

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It was not soo bad, albeit definitely less enjoyable than the first two parts. (But isn't that the universal rule of sequels?)

Maguire does look pretty stupid most of the time. The black (emo-haircut, heh) side of Spider-Man I actually enjoyed because it was a nice contrast to the usual "Oh, as Peter Parker I'm such a douchebag and loser, but at least I'm a nice person and I can always soak in Spider-Man's fame to forget about my miserable life" acting.

The flag-waving didn't particularly bother me. Hollywood does this on a regular basis and I've probably become good at ignoring it.

As for the story, well, you get an extraterrestrial comet filled with evil black goo, an unspecified scientific experiment which turns an evil (but really kind-hearted and remorseful) gangster into a sand monster, and the guy called Venom... well, let's not go there. Let's just say that many things are a bit far-fetched.

Also, I have a feeling that they recycled quite a bit from the first two movies. Take Harry Osborn, for instance: my theory is that they didn't know what to do with him, so they just copied his father's role from the first part and changed the name --> hear voices, see daddy in mirror, inhale killer gas, fail to kill Spider-Man, get impaled by own scooter (well, at least he died helping Spidey fight the bad guys), hold Spidey's hand while dying.
The holding MJ hostage up in the air as a preamble to the showdown wasn't really new either. Nor was the whole MJ/romance aspect, for that matter: "Oh Peter, I love you!" - "Oh Peter, you've disappointed me!" - "Oh Peter, now I know that it wasn't your fault! I love you!" - "Oh Peter, you saved me! I love you even more!"

My recommendation - watch it once if you really liked the first two parts and don't mind a little decrease in quality, unless you're a hardcore fan of the comics. But then you probably didn't watch the first two films either... or you did, and are still bitter about how they're different from the comics yada yada yada.

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May 16, 2007 04:38 # 44524

charlie *** replies...

Re: Spiderman 3

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Damn it was long. They could have made two movies out of it. I'm still trying to remember what happened at the beginning of the movie!

Too many characters!

The American flag placement was stupid. This isn't saying anything political, just entertainment-wise, the flag didn't fit. It was computer generated and the colors and lighting didn't even match the rest of the set. It's true that the flag and Spiderman have the same color scheme, and that the movie was set in NYC, but there was really no reason to have that flag there. It was distracting.

Corny "I'm bad and sexy" music montage with Tobey McGuire shopping was a waste of time.

I agree with null, there were a lot of unreal/unbelievable things in the movie.


I liked the theme of the movie "everyone does horrible things". I think that's what makes Spiderman different from Superman or Batman - he's not perfect. I hate Peter everytime he does something stupid, but in the end it just makes me like him even more.

Amazing special effects. Plenty of fighting scenes. Kristen Dunst is still hot.

Harry helps Peter out in the end. That was a new twist in the old story. I really liked the teamwork in the end scenes. And I like the relationship Peter, MJ and Harry have in this movie - even more than the other two movies. It has more depth than simple comic book characters.

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May 21, 2007 21:58 # 44572

Ameli1162 * replies...

Re: Spiderman 3 - Your thoughts?

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All in all: I would give the movie a B.

B instead of A simply because of that one scene where hes dancing and shopping. I mean.....WTF?!

Very happy with how Harry helps out Peter in the end, depressing about his death though. A few hours after he comes back to the good side, he dies!? Why?!?! Depressing, depressing. But a good twist.

I agree with the too-many-villians complaint, but it wasnt all too confusing. I'm a big fan of Topher grace, so for him coming in as an additional bad guy, Im not complaining. He did a great job, too.

The "black suit" spiderman was dissapointing, though. Peter Parkers evil side is EMO? WHAT?

Definatley dissapointed, I expected it to live up to the first and second. But it wasnt horrible. WAY TOO LONG, i agree.


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