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This from an old time user of dA, I cannot believe how commercial its gone. I realised the "deviants" there are not quite bothered with other work unless its from the popular dA. A lot of my old friends have left and its now raded with tweens and teens whose only comment to piece of art work is

*faint* Awesome WORK!!! >.< I love it! *drools*

It doesn't nurture you or make you better, rather just make you feel how incompetant you are, no constructive critism unless your friends with the big boys and well...

Any one know of any tiny community art forums out there? i'm looking.

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Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: DeviantArt

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No, I can honestly say I don't know of anywhere else that doesn't have the same problem of tweens, teens, and a laxidasical user base over all. However, one thing I can say for DA is that it is the only one of these sites I've ever seen have success in its commercialization. Or at least has put real thought into a business plan and organized itself to grow as a legitimate coorporation. For that I must give them props.

However, if I do come across something I'll let you know.

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jael *** replies...

Re: DeviantArt

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Ohhh nooo don't go there, even though its done really well commercializing, there have been a lot of battles between the founders of it. Jark was kicked out of being the owner over night without even knowing, as I understand there is still a court battle going on, though I havent updated myself on how far its gone.

I think maybe a year or something ago, the battle between the ninja and the yellow alien started and then the "Yellow Day" had come about to dA in respect for Jark... *sigh* the best people have left or been band because of their thoughts against the politics of dA..

Its not a really pretty place...

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Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: DeviantArt

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I'm a fairly old deviant myself and was around when Jark got ousted. I do not agree with or condone what happened to him however, I don't imagine Angelo's stay as president and CEO of the company will last all that long either because of frankly, how many changes the site goes through in terms of management, his replacement of Jark while dirty and underhanded was inevitable and he'll eventually get his own come-uppance. I honestly look forward to watching how the situation goes. But then again, that's just the way I am. :)

--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

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DjangoDurango * replies...

Re: DeviantArt

Don't go there? What does problems with management have to do with DA's commercialization?

In any case, I would suggest Ka-Bang!, but if it's critique you want... Ka-Bang!'s not about that.

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Re: DeviantArt

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Funny, i became a member there after Ginsterbush directed me there in 2003. From then on (they had under 3 mill devs posted), i never looked back.

Those still there (eg. Cirgy, just last night) wonder why they stay. We wonder that, and then leave. True, but we make our way back there eventually.

I was a subscriber. Now I'm not. I prolly wont subscribe again, but i wouldn't encourage others not to. They're going through growing pains, like Yahoo, Youtube, my own personal fave is new, uncharted territory in a number of ways. It's the march of progress.

My response to why i keep my spot open there is simple: free web hosting.

As to the comments, its the same here, or anywhere. There's always the majority who stay inane chatter. Just cause someone can draw a pretty picture, doesn't mean s/he has anything clicking away upstairs; moretothepoint, i might add, if that artist is drawing amine/manga stuff. Chances are, that's what they person occupies his/her time with.
One doesn't get "witty banter" from an atomic disruptor-thingy. It's usually a one note.
It becomes an incestuous, inbred, amorphous regurgitated melange of sound-bites and syllables of cheer. Nothing critical is generated. In the Hygienic pursuit that "everyone's an artist", the crap gets mixed in with the good stuff, and no one wants to be critical to avoid hurting one's feelings.
But this is true: not everyone is an artist. And not everyone is critical--most are just negative.

Being critical means to observe and convey. I'm not looking at "good" or "bad", but what are the qualities of the work that appeal to me, and why, conversely what is weak about it. I make it a point to explain to people why I give a good or bad rating. I've always done that because the growth of any artist depends upon that mirror of reflection aand recognition with the artist and the observer.
Simply: did I connect? Did I make my message clear, with the desired effect?

At the end of the day, that's all we have our words, and the works we have created.
That's why we love faves and ratings, cause we need to reflect how well we're communicating. dA is only one site among many that allow us to do that with our peers. At a certain "flash point" with so much volume, it might not happen effectively any more.

Great post btw. That's why i rated it highly.
:) cheers,

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